How can I Remove Advanced Identity Protector Completely From PC

uninstall Advanced Identity Protector

Advanced Identity Protector cannot be removed from your PC? It is not so hard to uninstall the program as long as you take a proper removal way, so you may need to learn some skills from this help article.

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Application introduction

Advanced Identity Protector is a system utility that offers additional protection for the user's personal privacy, banking account and password protection from various threats online, and it also provides service and function to manage the program operation on the computer. When it is installed on the computer, associated configurations and registry keys are also created which are used to make the program start and run automatically on the background.

Why people can uninstall it successfully

For many users of Advanced Identity Protector, it is not quite easy to remove the program when they want to delete it from the computer. And problems that affect the program removal could be very different for different computers, and here I just conclude some common issues of removing Advanced Identity Protector from our users:

Get a good way to fully remove Advanced Identity Protector

Conventional way: totally remove it with manual steps

Windows uninstaller is a removing utility attached on the system that allows people to remove/change installed programs or update. When you take this way to uninstall Advanced Identity Protector, you should perform the whole removing process manually with the following steps.

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remove Advanced Identity Protector


Registry keys and entries are often the majority of the program's leftovers on the computer, because Windows uninstaller usually neglect this database and let them keep staying on the system. So, if you want to totally get rid of Advanced Identity Protector from your computer, it is necessary to check the Registry Editor and delete those associated content from your Windows system.

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Faster and easier way: uninstall Advanced Identity Protector with Total Uninstaller

Total Uninstaller is a wonderful uninstall tool can help the user conduct the Advanced Identity Protector removal automatically, all of its files will be counted and removed completely from the PC, so that it is no need to take any manual step to delete the leftovers additionally.





This video also show you how can remove Advanced Identity Protector with the uninstaller:

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Posted By: Patrick / Aug 09, 2017

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