uninstall Free Fire

Removal Instructions to Uninstall Free Fire from Windows

Free Fire is a common gaming application for Windows. Problems to uninstall Free Fire might affect some of you and always cannot get a successful removal. So here, you can find some available [...]


Available Ways to Uninstall SpyAgent on PC

What's the good way to uninstall SpyAgent from PC? Cannot remove SpyAgent is a common problem for many people in recently, so let's see how can get a successful removal for the software. Overview [...]

uninstall WeatherBug

How can Uninstall WeatherBug Application from Windows

Want to uninstall WeatherBug from PC? Do you get any problem to remove this program from Windows? The how-to guides below will show you the right way to delete this application as well as its [...]

uninstall Fotor

Guides to Uninstall Fotor from Windows PC

Cannot find a good way to uninstall Fotor from the PC? Are you take a right way to remove the program thoroughly on the Windows? This post are all about the how-to guides to help you uninstall [...]

remove BoxCryptor

Guides to Uninstall BoxCryptor Application from PC

BoxCryptor for windows is a software for file encryption, and supports the encryption for Google Drive, Dropbox and etc. People who want to uninstall BoxCryptor for some reasons can follow the [...]

uninstall KompoZer

How to Uninstall KompoZer on Windows Computer?

Do you ever Uninstall KompoZer wondering how leftover files were removed? In this KompoZer uninstall guide, you're going to know everything you need to know so that you can remove any program [...]

Uninstall mp3DirectCut

How to Uninstall mp3DirectCut on Windows?

Become confident in removing Windows programs and delete leftovers with your own hands. The goal of this post is to know how you can do to Uninstall mp3DirectCut without any associated files [...]

Uninstall Duolingo

How to Uninstall Duolingo from Windows?

Whether you are aiming for deleting Duolingo or cleaning out its leftover files, this post has something for all. We will guide from a very basic level to a professional level. Firstly, you will [...]

Uninstall Giphy

How to Uninstall Giphy from Windows?

A guide on how to Uninstall Giphy program in Windows and how to clean out leftovers. The post provides you with the way to acquire how to uninstall unwanted from a Windows-based computer [...]

Uninstall Telegram

How to Uninstall Telegram from Windows Platforms?

Complete, easy and fast to understand. Uninstall Telegram using the Windows built-in uninstaller using the manual ways. Uninstall Telegram using the professional uninstaller tool named Total [...]

Uninstall SHAREit

How to Uninstall SHAREit from Windows PC?

Learn how to Uninstall SHAREit software and get rid of junk files from your Windows-based computer - like a pro. Want to know the best, safest, and easiest way to remove SHAREit or other Windows [...]

Uninstall TuneIn Radio

How to Uninstall TuneIn Radio for Windows?

I tried to Uninstall TuneIn Radio program, but cant figure out how to delete leftovers completely. I am trying to get rid of TuneIn Radio and I want to delete the leftovers, but not my files. I [...]

Uninstall Deezer

How to Uninstall Deezer from Windows Completely?

Would you like to Uninstall Deezer from Windows PC but you don't have experience with uninstalling or changing a program? Well, here comes Deezer removal guide. You will know how to remove Deezer [...]

Uninstall IDrive

How to Uninstall IDrive from Windows PC?

Have you been in such situations? Having made several tries, I have been unable to Uninstall IDrive and remove its leftovers. The Windows built-in uninstaller is not working. It says it has [...]

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