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Total Uninstaller

About us

Currently based in Chicago, IL, USA and in Europe, we are a really small team right now. And we are a 100% remote team, working with passion to resolve harder problems on a daily basis and boost up productivity for PC users across the globe.

This is a group of people who have great passion in developing advanced uninstall tools that enable people to uninstall unwanted application quickly, as well as resolving those problems probably occur during the removal. We are working on the road to enhance our product's performance, so that it can help more people to troubleshoot more removing issues on their computers.

If you encounter any problem with program removal, or have any problem with Total Uninstaller, please contact us.

The best-in-class uninstaller & thorough leftover cleaner in one affordable price

  • Lifetime license
  • Free technical support
  • Free updates & free newer versions
  • Custom fixes for your specific problems