Available Ways to Uninstall MediaFire from PC

Problems to uninstall MediaFire affect some people in recently, so how to remove this program might be important and necessary for them to troubleshoot this issue. This post is just for specific instructions to uninstall it from the computer.

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MediaFire overview

uninstall Mediafire

MediaFire is a file hosting tool that provides such services as cloud storage and file synchronization. It supports many operating system and platform, including the Microsoft Windows. The free version of this program only enables users to manage files of little megabytes (200). If you need a bigger file size, you should pay for the premium version additionally.

Problems to remove this program

Available ways to uninstall MediaFire under Windows System

1. Uninstall the program itself with its removal process


2. Uninstall MediaFire manually with the Windows uninstall


Tips: if you are worry about making any manual error during deleting the registry, you can back up the registry file with the following steps:

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3. Take Total Uninstaller to remove MediaFire more quickly


If you want to delete your Mediafire Account

If you also want to delete your Mediafire account when uninstall Mediafire, you can refer to the following steps:

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Posted By: Patrick / Dec 16, 2020

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