How can Fully Uninstall My WiFi Router from Computer

remove My WiFi Router

Unknown problems occur while removing My WiFi Router from the computer? What type of issue troubling you to uninstall the program successfully? Don't worry, you can learn the best way to remove My WiFi Router from here.

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Application analysis

My WiFi Router is developed by TxNetwork as a Internet connection tool, it supports the users to connect to and share the Internet connection with others, and help users to turn their computers into their own public or private Wi-Fi hotspot, in addition, other services like whitelist/blacklist users on the connection, shut down the PC via accessing the Wi-Fi are also available on the application.

Once My WiFi Router installed on the computer, many folders, DLL files and executable files are created and stored in the hard disk, with the use of this program on the PC, many other data and temporary files will be created either.

Related files of My WiFi Router

Why it cannot be removed successfully?

There are many possible reasons and causes for the people being not able to remove My WiFi Router on the computer, such as the program cannot be found on the Windows' uninstall panel, or it still appears after removing it, so now let's see how can take a good way to get rid of this program from PC.

How can fully uninstall My WiFi Router on Windows system

1. Usual way to remove My WiFi Router manually

There is a removing panel attached in the Windows operating system, they get a different name in different systems, such as:

Here are specific steps about how to uninstall My WiFi Router the program in Windows 8/8.1/10:


W8 - programs and features



If you cannot find My WiFi Router available on the removing panel



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Potential problems of taking this way to remove My WiFi Router: generally users may not be able to find out all of files leaving on the computer after the removal; miss some removing steps for the complex removal; unexpected and unknown error issue occurs during the removal. If you want to avoid these troubles or eager an easier way to get rid of the application from your PC, yon can try the following way of removal.

2. Uninstall My WiFi Router with outstanding removal utility

Total Uninstaller is a comprehensive uninstall tool for Windows system that can remove the program thoroughly for the common user.







After performing the above removing steps, you will be able to uninstall My WiFi Router, and no more manual removal steps are required to delete its leftovers, because all of the components and data have been removed by the uninstaller.

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Posted By: Patrick / Jun 27, 2017

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