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How Can Totally Remove Microsoft Visual Studio

remove Microsoft Visual Studio

How could you totally remove Microsoft Visual Studio? What should you do when facing trouble in uninstalling Microsoft Visual Studio? Which uninstaller can help you better to get rid of Microsoft Visual Studio?

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The Importance of Total Removal

To look what your computer can do after delete all the data and components of Microsoft Visual Studio: to help speed up the computer, release the space of computer, your computer is much cleaner and can do a lot of other things. Create a clean environment of internet that gives you a wonderful environment of surfing. Remove all the information that avoid you form information revealing. Ensure the security of personal therefore.

Totally Remove Microsoft Visual Studio with Microsoft Traditional Uninstall and Total Uninstaller

Talking about uninstaller, there are two different methods would help. One is the traditional uninstaller, let’s look at how this traditional uninstaller works and how people usually use to remove Microsoft Visual Studio.

Remove Microsoft Visual Studio with Traditional Uninstall Way

  • Open the Control Panel of the computer from the Start Menu and then click the Uninstall a program under the “Programs” button. Then all the programs download in your computer are showed in your face. Turn to next step.


  • Locate the Microsoft Visual Studio and click the “Uninstall/ change” button or click the target on right key, then choose the uninstall button from the removal wizard.

uninstall Microsoft Visual Studio manually

  • Click “Finish” when a confirmation message pops up. Then your Microsoft Visual Studio removal is finished


Uninstall Time of Working: Not for long.

Efficiency of Uninstall: Now the Microsoft Visual Studio is gone from your computer screen, no where you can find it, unluckily, a few day after, you will find some traces and history files in your computer,because it has never removed Microsoft Visual Studio totally and completely.

Remove Microsoft Visual Studio Completely in Total Uninstaller

Next we will introduce the other uninstaller—Total Uninstaller. It is a highly effective uninstaller, created by Angular Momentum Computer Company, which have helped a lot of people to solve their removal trouble. Total Uninstaller is the industry-leading Windows uninstaller, facilitated by highly engineered uninstall engine to effectively and thoroughly uninstall any program that standard Windows Add/Remove Programs can't remove. Let’s look at how this uninstaller works when remove Microsoft Visual Studio.

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3 Simple Steps to Use Total Uninstaller

  • Open Total Uninstaller, and you will find everything that installed in your computer is listed out in the interface even some programs that was installed incompletely or corrupted. You can easily locate Microsoft Visual Studio in the straightforward interface. Click Microsoft Visual Studio and move to the second step.
  • Click Run Analysis button. The uninstaller applies unique search engine, it is able to analyze Microsoft Visual Studio to remove and find out all components including installation folder, program files, associated registry entries, keys, setup file, etc. The Analysis process will be finished in just a few seconds.

uninstall Microsoft Visual Studio with Total Uninstaller

  • Simply click the Complete Uninstall button, It will then perform regular uninstalls to remove all scanned out components automatically. It guarantees Microsoft Visual Studio is removed from your computer completely.


Uninstall Time of Working: Just a few seconds

Efficiency of Total Uninstaller: Microsoft Visual Studio is gone from your computer screen, what is worth to know that the installation folder, files, associated registry entries, keys, setup file, etc are gone, too. Those annoying trouble has no opportunity to bother you again.

Different Uninstallation Result of Removing Microsoft Visual Studio

The disadvantages of traditional uninstaller are clearly to see, when people choose to use traditional way to remove app, it means he/she want to delete the trash from his/her computer, but traditional one obviously doesn’t meet request. When traditional uninstaller cannot meet the request of client, you should turn to Total Uninstaller. The problems and limitations of traditional uninstaller might cause a serious of problems in the future like information risk for client, especially for such a complicated and huge app like Microsoft Visual Studio.
On the other hand, Total Uninstaller could make it reality for users to remove Microsoft Visual Studio completely for good, it solves the problem not just in face but in deep side, Ensure the personal information security of clients therefore, that’s why the uninstaller born.

Choose Total Uninstaller for an Entirely Cleaning to Your Computer

Talking so much about these uninstallers, now you know which uninstaller you should choose to remove Microsoft Visual Studio in your computer, from the result of comparison, the answer is Total Uninstaller, want to delete Microsoft Visual Studio with no residual from next second, try this remover now:

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