How can Uninstall BlueStacks App Player for Good on Windows

uninstall BlueStacks

BlueStacks App Player is a legitimate program that will not take root in the PC and threaten the security. However, some people are usually confused about the way to uninstall BlueStacks App Player for some reasons. Please follow the instructions below to conduct the program removal on your computer.

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About the program

Developed by BlueStack Systems, BlueStacks App Player can be used to support the Android applications being used on Windows based computer. And it is also able to sync the mobile apps if your phone is also using the BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android app at the same time.

Possible reasons that you need to remove it

Although many people know how to uninstall program on Windows, some people still fail to remove BlueStacks App Player. So, please refer the following guides and take a good way to delete it from your computer.

How to uninstall BlueStacks App Player successfully on Windows

Standard and manual removal guides







To access to the Windows removing panel, you also can take this way: Right-click on Windows button --- Apps and Features (/Programs and Features)


Please note that a lot of system registry keys storing in the System Registry are important for the computer, you should be very cautious when identifying and deleting BlueStacks' registries. When you are not 100% sure the registry key you intend to remove is belonging to BlueStacks App Player, you can export the registry for backup before deleting it.

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Shortcomings of the manual removal: Windows uninstaller is not able to perform the app removal when it was not installed completely, or the program has been corrupted on the PC. Therefore, some people might not be able to complete the app removal in this way. And in this situation, you should delete its files one by one or take other ways to get rid of the application from Windows.

Guides to uninstall BlueStacks App Player with Total Uninstaller

As a third party application, BlueStacks App Player can be uninstalled by Total Uninstaller, it is able to scan all of associated files of the program, and provide a strong and quick removal for those detected components.

To see how does Total Uninstaller remove BlueStacks App Player, you check this video and following guides:

uninstall BlueStacks App Player





BlueStacks App Player will be removed permanently after reboot the computer, and you don't need to check any leftover and remove it manually.

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Posted By: Jamie / Aug 07, 2018

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