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How can Uninstall CDBurnerXP on PC - 3 Solutions


CDBurnerXP is a freeware for burning CDs and DVDs. People also can use this program to burn and create ISOs on their PCs. When you need to uninstall CDBurnerXP, you will find some useful ways here to help you remove this application from computer with ease.

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Possible reasons to remove CDBurnerXP

  • CDBurnerXP gets no use for the user
  • Program conflict or corrupted issue
  • Need of re-installing the program
  • Free up some system space
  • The program causes unknown issues on the computer

Why people sometimes cannot uninstall it successfully?

  • CDBurnerXP is still running on the computer, especially running on the background
  • All of the program's files cannot be removed totally
  • Removing process causes an error issue and cannot complete the uninstallation
  • Registry keys and some stubborn files continue to stay on the PC
  • Cannot find this program available on the Windows programs list

Some people would also encounter other problems when trying to uninstall CDBurnerXP. If you also unable to take normal way to uninstall CDBurnerXP, you can follow the way below to get rid of this program well form the computer.

How can Uninstall CDBurnerXP effectively from PC

1.Apply Windows attached remover to remove it

  • Stop CDBurnerXP running on the PC, including at the background
  • Right-click on the Windows icon at the bottom left corner, and select Programs and Features
  • (If get a classic start menu, click on the Windows icon > select Control Panel >>> Programs and Features)
  • Choose CDBurnerXP on the list of applications, and click on the Uninstall button

remove CDBurnerXP

  • Click Yes on the prompt to confirm the removal


  • Uninstall process will start and finish within a few of seconds, and then click on OK to exit


  • Close all windows, and reboot the computer

Not finish, you should delete leftovers next

After finishing the standard removal you usually do, the program cannot be totally removed from the computer. So the next job you should do is to find out these leftovers, and remove them completely.

  • When come back to the desktop again, click on Search on the start menu
  • Type "regedit" in the search box, and click to open it on the search result
  • In Registry Editor, expand every group of the registry inside, and delete those registry entries belonging to the CDBurnerXP


  • And go to check whether all of files contained in the associated folder have been removed, please manually remove them when some related files/configurations still can be found at there.

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2.Remove itself with its own uninstall process

  • Locate and right-click on CDBurnerXP, select Open file location
  • Scroll down and find "unins000"


  • Double-click on the uninstall process to start the removal
  • Removing the app with uninstall wizards, and then click OK to finish
  • Like the first traditional option to remove CDBurnerXP, it is also leaving some registries after conduct the removal with this uninstall process, so you should find out those registry keys on
  • system's Registry Editor, and delete them completely.

3.Uninstall CDBurnerXP thoroughly with Total Uninstaller

Besides the traditional removal way, a qualified third party removal tool also can do this job for you. And a good news is it can perform more professionally to get rid of all files from the computer. Thus, people can totally remove CDBurnerXP with simple steps as I introduce below.

Steps to uninstall CDBurnerXP with Total Uninstaller

  • Launch the Total Uninstaller on the computer
  • Select CDBurnerXP on the menu of installed programs, and click on Run Analysis

uninstall CDBurnerXP

  • After a while, associated files and components will then be detected and listed on the menu, and please click on the Complete Uninstall button


  • Click Yes for confirmation, and click on Uninstaller on the wizard
  • Click on Close then the uninstallation complete
  • Click on Scan Leftovers button, and delete all of detected files on the list



  • Click on OK to complete the whole removal, and then you can exit the uninstaller and restart the your computer

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