How can Uninstall Dropbox from Windows with Easy Steps

Confused about how to uninstall Dropbox without deleting your files? Or simply get a trouble to remove this program from the PC? Look at this post and you will see what you want about this app removal guides.

About Dropbox

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Dropbox is an application that provides file hosting, cloud storage, file synchronization services for the users. It is belonging to the American company Dropbox, Inc. and can be downloaded and installed on Windows based computer.

Things you should know about Dropbox removal and your files

Uninstall Dropbox will not delete your files which are syncing on the Dropbox servers, if you only want to uninstall the Dropbox client on your own PC, you can choose to uninstall it normally on the computer. To save those files in your local Dropbox folder, you can refer to the specific steps at the following to avoid the removal.

If you want to completely delete your files in this program and the server, you will need to cancel and delete your Dropbox account.

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Take optional ways to uninstall Dropbox from the PC

Use traditional removal way to delete it manually




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If you don't want to delete your files in the local Dropbox folder, you should do these before uninstall Dropbox:

Apply a professional remover to uninstall Dropbox easily

Professional uninstaller in nowadays is an outstanding tool to remove programs on the computer. It usually performs more professionally to uninstall an application, and people can finish an app removal without taking too many steps.

Total Uninstaller is a program removal tool specially designed to delete the third party programs on the Windows computer, through which people can uninstall the program completely with a few of very simple steps (several clicks).

How to run Total Uninstaller to uninstall Dropbox

Uninstall Dropbox




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