How can I Uninstall Everything Program on Computer

What is Everything? How to uninstall Everything when it gets no use on the computer? To get a right answer for the these problems, you can go to read this article.

About Everything program

uninstall Everything

Everything, a desktop search utility developed by David Carpenter that can search for and find specific file and folder quickly. Once installed, many associated files and data will be created and stored in its installation folder, and some registry entries are also added to the system for supporting its smooth operation on the computer.

Official website:
Download install files: Everything.exe
Current version release: / February 18, 2019
Type: Desktop search

Files created by the program:

General reasons for people cannot remove Everything

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How to uninstall Everything well from Windows PC

Standard removal with Windows uninstall feature






Guides to access to the Registry Editor: Type "regedit" in the search box --- hit Enter key, after that, you can expand the registry groups to check those registry keys one by one


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Manual way to delete Everything on Windows

This is the most traditional and also the time consuming way to remove Everything, because you should manually delete everything related to the program on your PC. So if you would like to take this way to uninstall Everything, please be patient enough to conduct the removing steps.

I have been listed the files created by the program above, you need to clean up all of them and the registry keys on the system. Moreover, considering some files and configurations are created during using the program, you should search Everything on your PC after the removal, and make sure it has been cleared well.

Uninstall Everything more quickly with Total Uninstaller

If you don't want to take those manual removing steps, Total Uninstaller can provide a faster way to remove the application on your computer. Those stubborn files and traces can be scanned out and deleted completely with the uninstaller's removing feature.

How to uninstall Everything with Total Uninstaller

uninstall Everything




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