How can Uninstall GIMP from Windows with Ease

Do you have any problem about removing GIMP? Today, I am going to post the specific instructions to uninstall GIMP, and you can choose to take the traditional way on Windows or Total Uninstaller to remove it.

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General information about GIMP


GIMP, also named GHIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is an open-source graphics editing tool that available for all users for free. People can use this app to draw, retouch, edit images, and convert images in different formats.

Just had tried to installed and removed GIMP on the computer, with the 194MB of the install package, I took some time to finish downloading it on my PC, but luckily, the install process is fast and smooth.

By default, this program is installed in "C:\Program Files\gimp 2\bin", and here are the executable files and general installation files of GIMP:

Before starting to uninstall GIMP, you should firstly make sure the program has been stop using and running on the computer. And then, you can choose to remove it manually on your PC, or apply Total Uninstaller to forcibly uninstall it thoroughly.

How to uninstall GIMP in different ways

1. Take manual removal on Windows

Windows system itself provides a built-in removing utility that can help users to remove unwanted programs. If you choose this way to uninstall GIMP, please make sure everything related to the program will be found and cleared well from the PC. The incomplete removal usually cause further issues or troubles for the computer user.


remove GIMP



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What if it isn't in Windows' Programs and Features?

Some people might cannot find the program available on Programs and Features, this is usually because the program had been removed partially or corrupted before hand. In this case, you should find out where the program is on the computer, and clear all files completely to remove it.

2. Take Total Uninstaller to uninstall GIMP for you

As a smart app uninstaller, Total Uninstaller is also able to remove GIMP from the computer, and you can check for the specific removing steps at the following:

uninstall GIMP




To remove GIMP's files and folders which were left behind from the incomplete removal previously, you can click on "Cannot find the program" at the bottom of the uninstaller, which can help you remove those leftover files thoroughly from the designated folders.

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Posted By: Patrick / Feb 22, 2019

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