How can I Uninstall MP4 Downloader Quickly from PC


Unable to uninstall MP4 Downloader effectively from the computer? Effective guides here can help you get to know how can totally remove this program from your PC.

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Program description

MP4 Downloader is a download manager published by Tomabo (, the newest version is 3.21.0. Once installed, it will adds different types of files and data on the computer, including extension to the user's Internet Explorer web browser, scheduled task and auto-start registry keys, which occupies more than 40 MB on the computer system's space.

General reasons for people deciding to uninstall the program:

Common issues of removing MP4 Downloader

How can uninstall MP4 Downloader smoothly in a good way

Manual instructions: remove MP4 Downloader with Windows uninstaller

Windows uninstaller is available on every Windows based computer, which allows people to remove unwanted program manually on the PC.

W8 - programs and features

remove MP4 Downloader manually




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Alternatively, take its uninstaller to remove it

There is a specific uninstall process available in MP4 Downloader's installation folder, which can be used to remove the program itself from the PC



More recommended: uninstall with Total Uninstaller

If you don't want to take too much time to remove the program manually, Total Uninstaller can offer a faster app removal for you to get rid of MP4 Downloader completely.

uninstall MP4 Downloader with TU





Still not clear about the removing steps? You also can check the video here to learn more details about how to uninstall MP4 Downloader with Total Uninstaller:

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Posted By: Patrick / Dec 05, 2017

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