How can Uninstall Vivaldi Browser from Windows System

Still confused about the Vivaldi removal on PC? Cannot find a complete way to uninstall Vivaldi thoroughly and say goodbye to all of its components? This post will show you who to do with this program removal on Windows system.

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What's Vivaldi?

uninstall Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, and it can be downloaded and installed for free on the computer. The applications claims to help users block annoying ads and trackers.

Know more about Vivaldi removal problem

When I search for "uninstall Vivaldi" on Google, there are many questions and posts about this problem come out on the search result. After gathering those uninstall issue and analyzing them, here is a conclusion for the most common problems when uninstall Vivaldi:

  1. Having bugs of using Vivaldi on the computer, but people always fail to remove it completely from the PC, especially those AppData folders, registry keys and some possible hidden files/folders.
  2. Cannot get a smooth uninstall and gets an error code and message all the time
  3. The program removal always get in a frozen, and cannot be finished successfully
  4. Vivaldi is not available on the Windows uninstall panel
  5. Vivaldi still try to start-up or operate at the background

How to uninstall Vivaldi thoroughly from computer

1. Take Apps and Features in Windows system






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2. Remove Vivaldi through programs list on Windows menu


remove Vivaldi

3. Apply Total Uninstaller to uninstall Vivaldi

Take a professional app uninstaller usually can make the program removal faster and easier. To remove Vivaldi application, you can take Total Uninstaller to perform the uninstallation within one or two minutes.

uninstall Vivaldi




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Posted By: Patrick / Feb 04, 2021

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