How can Uninstall WeatherBug Application from Windows

Want to uninstall WeatherBug from PC? Do you get any problem to remove this program from Windows? The how-to guides below will show you the right way to delete this application as well as its components hiding on the computer.

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About WeatherBug

uninstall WeatherBug

WeatherBug is a program developed by GroundTruth, New York City. It provides weather information for many destination for consumers worldwide, and also offers location-based advertising solutions to businesses for its customers. It gets a Windows desktop app for the computer users, and most of its users come from the the United States, Canada and Iran.

Generally, the installation of WeatherBug usually brings about 40 files and the program with 4.41 MB to the computer. In addition, several registry keys and entries of the program also locate on the Windows' system registry for supporting its automatic start-up and performance on the PC.

Most common problems of removing the program

Try to uninstall WeatherBug thoroughly with the following ways

1. Apply an uninstaller to remove it quickly

Total Uninstaller is a professional uninstall tool that can perform a quick removal for the program. Moreover, its leftovers scanning and removal feature will guarantee a 100% removal for the application on the PC. And here are more details about the removing steps:

uninstall WeatherBug





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2. Take manual steps to uninstall WeatherBug from PC

If you are confident with your computer knowledge and skills, you can take a manual way to remove the program from Windows. In order to clean all files of the application, you might need to take some time and effort to clear its associated components on the computer.



WeatherBug reg

When you finish to clear all of the program's files and traces, you will be able to uninstall WeatherBug complete from the PC

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Posted By: Jamie / Nov 17, 2020

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