Can't Install Discord App - How to Uninstall Discord Completely?

Are you having troubles with failing to install Discord in Windows? Are you facing such issue like can't install Discord due to an old version of Discord is not removed? Are you overwhelmed with such error message like your Discord installation is corrupt?

Wondering why you can't install Discord as usual? One of the main reasons is that an old version of Discord couldn't be uninstalled completely, some associated files are still left in Windows. Another reason probably is that Discord installation is corrupt.

Wondering how to fix this can't install Discord in Windows error and be able to uninstall Discord (previous installation) completely? Looking to get an easy yet fast way to uninstall Discord from Windows based computer completely? Or looking to pass the install failure error message and succeed in installing Discord in Windows 10?

Well, you are in the right place. A comprehensive uninstall Discord guide that aims to help you uninstall Discord in Windows based computer successfully, including leftover files and registry entries, so that you can fix installing failure issue and reinstall Discord normally.

Discord Overview

If you want to connect with your friends while playing video games, this is the right online platform for you. We all can agree to the fact that the gaming industry has been developing rapidly due to the introduction of applications like discord. Well, you should know that discord is one of the popular online platforms which is used by gamers all over the globe. It is known for lag-free functionality, which is nowhere to be found in other online gaming platforms. It is not just another online video gaming platform where you can connect and talk with your friends.
can't install Discord

Here, you just know that discord rooms this to another level where you can talk to your friends in a virtual manner. This can be done through video calls, group chats etc., which makes discord one of the best right now. It should be. It should be noted that discord is most commonly used by people associated with gaming and e-games. You can know more about the services which are provided by discord which have made it one of the most popular online platforms for gamers.
This app is mostly used by people associated with the gaming community all over the world. You can use discord without any glitches technical issues, which are most commonly faced while using online gaming platforms. Here we are to let you know about discord and what makes it better than other online platforms for gamers.

In this part, we will take a detailed look at what discord its features are.

There are not many online applications that work perfectly fine while video calls and even voice calls. This is because there is a disturbance while voice calls and video calls through other applications. You do not have to worry about it because this is not the case with discord, as it provides glitch-free voice and video calls. This is one of the major features of discord you should know.

There are many applications through which you can go live. But you cannot go live on your screen without any glitches because there are no locations that support both of them at the same time. You can go live and share your screen at the same time while using discord. As it totally supports both of them. This makes discord one of the best online platforms to go live and share screens.

You are free to create servers and channels which can be joined by other discord users. There are many options to create a server and your friends to join him to talk and play together. By creating a server, you can also go live or share your screen with players or other people who are on the server. This makes it very easy for players to play together with their friends and also interact in the most exciting manner.
We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information.

How to Uninstall Discord Completely & Fix Can't Install Discord Error

This guide is highly dedicated to seeing you succeed in uninstalling Discord from your Windows completely so that troubleshooting can't install Discord error. I will take you through the whole process of using Total Uninstaller to uninstall Discord and deleting leftovers. I will guide you on how to take advantage of tools provided Total Uninstaller to get rid of those apps' leftover files that you couldn't find and delete. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Download Total Uninstaller and install it on your PC. To download Total Uninstaller is easy to get started, you can click the download button listed at the beginning or end of this post.

Step 2: Launch Total Uninstaller > Select the Discord app that you are going to uninstall > Click Run Analysis.
select Discord

Warm tips: Total Uninstaller offers Search function so that every user can search an app to locate it easily. So you can find Discord by entering the app's name in Search box and pressing Enter key.

Step 3: Next, Total Uninstaller will list files, folders, and entries related to the Discord app. Click Complete Uninstall to make sure that you want to uninstall Discord.
uninstall Discord

Step 4: Click Uninstall Now to make sure that you are going to uninstall the select app. This will uninstall Discord and delete all its leftovers automatically.

Step 5: The Discord uninstall was completed successfully. Click Finish and check. At last, Restart your PC to apply the change.
Discord is uninstalled

Can't Uninstall Discord Because It Is Not Found in Control Panel

If you ever tried to uninstall Discord on your own and now it is not listed in Control Panel, if you used manual method to uninstall Discord but you failed to totally delete its files and entries, if you can't find this Discord app at anywhere of your PC, then how you can start a complete cleaning?

Usually, we can navigate to the app's install directories and delete those leftovers in person, but this requires a certain level of computer knowledge. So, if you are not an experienced user and not confident in deleting files on your own, how you can handle this thing easily? Then we suggest you use Registry Manager to help you find and delete Discord's left files. Registry Manager is one of Total Uninstaller built-in tools, which allows you to find files, apps, entries, images, or anything else in your system. If you can't find Discord on your PC, we can take full use of Total Uninstaller tools to search and remove Discord files.

Step 1: Launch Total Uninstaller > Click Tools.

Step 2: Click Registry Manager > Click Open Registry Manager.
registry manager

Step 3: On the top-left corner, click Search > Click Find... or press Ctrl+F key to get Find box.

Step 4: Enter the app's name 'Discord' in Find box > Click Find.
find discord

Step 5: Click any empty area in the field of Search Result > Press Ctrl+A key to select all registry entries > Right-click on the selected search result > Select Remove all search results from Registry option. Till now, you have removed all files and entries associated with the Discord app from your Windows PC. Finally, don't miss out to Restart your computer to make change.
delete discord files

Refer to a simple video guide regarding how to uninstall Discord using Total Uninstaller.


The main aim of this guide is to help give you the confidence needed to not only uninstall Discord like a pro, but also help clean out all Discord remnants left in your Windows. As discussed, an incomplete removal of Discord brings you into more troubles, like reinstalling failure, can't install Discord error, and so on. Thus, in this guide, we utilize Total Uninstaller tool to start a total uninstall of Discord, clean out all its relevant files and registry entries from Windows. If you also want to give this Total Uninstaller a try and start a depth cleaning of unwanted programs from your PC, then simply open the following button to get started directly.

Posted By: Harper / Nov 01, 2021

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