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Can't Install Adobe Illustrator - How to Uninstall Adobe Illustrator Completely?

Are you already feeling helpless about how to uninstall Adobe Illustrator from Windows completely? Are you frustrated trying to solve such issue can't install Adobe Illustrator due to an existing version on your computer? Do you know you are capable of uninstalling any unneeded apps easily and completely? Ready to equip yourself? Then this guide will help you grab an easy and fast solution to uninstall Adobe Illustrator completely and fix such can't install Adobe Illustrator issue as well.

Adobe Illustrator Overview

Adobe Illustrator is the industry's top-end vector graphics design app caters to all your needs of creating great vector arts and illustrations. It is one of the most widely used apps because of its unparalleled illustrator capabilities, powerful tools, and industry-standard technology. No matter what you want to create, icons, logos, packages, covers, graphics for web or books, make whimsical designs, or design anything for any business use, Adobe Illustrator enables you to make cool graphic designs. And if you have a desire to design more beautiful illustrations and develop your abilities to create awesome graphics for a particular need, then Adobe Illustrator is your choice.
Adobe Illustrator

How to Completely Uninstall Adobe Illustrator from Windows?

Are you seeking to uninstall Adobe Illustrator from your Windows computer easily? Do you want to increase your skill or knowledge to uninstall any unwanted program effortlessly? Are you ready to take your abilities of uninstalling a program to the next level? This method is for you. It is a fast, easy, and practical method to ace all the issues you may encounter while uninstalling Adobe Illustrator.

This method will show you how you can uninstall Adobe Illustrator by using the professional uninstaller tool of Total Uninstaller. Look at how it fast and easy will be when you uninstall Adobe Illustrator with Total Uninstaller. If you have some leftovers in your system, use Total Uninstaller to find out and delete them with just a few clicks.

This Total Uninstaller tool is for you if you have been always trying to uninstall Adobe Illustrator on your own but failed. When you complete this guide, you will have a clear idea if this method is right for you. So, let's figure out how to uninstall Adobe Illustrator completely using Total Uninstaller right now.

Step 1: Quit Adobe Illustrator from Task Manager at first. Download Total Uninstaller and install it on your PC. To download Total Uninstaller is easy to get started, you can click the download button listed at the beginning or end of this post.
close Adobe Illustrator

Step 2: Launch Total Uninstaller > Select the Adobe Illustrator app that you are going to uninstall > Click Run Analysis.
uninstall Adobe Illustrator

Warm tips: Total Uninstaller offers Search function so that every user can search an app to locate it easily. So you can find Adobe Illustrator by entering the app's name in Search box and pressing Enter key.

Step 3: Next, please wait while the Adobe Illustrator uninstall process to be completed. The Adobe Illustrator uninstall wizard pops up, click Yes, remove to continue uninstalling the selected Adobe Illustrator app.
remove Adobe Illustrator remove Adobe Illustrator

Step 4: The Adobe Illustrator uninstall was completed successfully. Click Finish and check. At last, Restart your computer to apply this change.
closeAdobe Illustrator is successfully uninstalled

Regarding how to uninstall Adobe Illustrator using Total Uninstaller, refer to a simple video as followed.


If you have already known the basics of uninstalling Adobe Illustrator from Windows but still couldn't get it done successfully, then we recommend you try the provided Total Uninstaller tool and it will ace all the uninstall issues you may encounter on your computer. It will be a superb choice if you are one of those people who want to uninstall any unneeded apps from Windows like a pro, and without having to spend a lot of time and effort. And also, if you are looking to fix such 'can't install Adobe Illustrator issue due to a previous version is already on your computer,' then don't miss out on giving the Total Uninstaller a try and take advantage of it to get rid of all leftovers of the previous version and fix the issue.

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