Uninstall Telegram

How to Uninstall Telegram from Windows Platforms?

Complete, easy and fast to understand. Uninstall Telegram using the Windows built-in uninstaller using the manual ways. Uninstall Telegram using the professional uninstaller tool named Total [...]

uninstall Trillian

Solutions to Uninstall Trillian Smoothly from PC

Trillian is a program that can be used in many different operating systems. To uninstall Trillian from Windows, you can learn the following basics and take the available methods to perform the [...]

remove Mozilla Thunderbird

How Do I Uninstall Thunderbird Thoroughly from Windows

Do you get any removing issue when try to uninstall Thunderbird? According to the emails I received in recently, it seems like this program removal really cause some troubles for some users. So I [...]

uninstall Pidgin

Safely Uninstall Pidgin Program from Windows In A Right Way

Pidgin is a multi-platform instant messaging client developed with open-source, Gaim is its former name and available for free for all users. Some people can't find a proper way to uninstall [...]

uninstall Viber

Uninstall Viber for Windows with Easy-to-Follow Guides

Have problems about how to uninstall Viber and whether it will clear all of your messages and histories? Don't worry, you will get the correct way and easy guides to remove the program as well as [...]

uninstall Discord

Totally Uninstall Discord from PC with A Reliable Method

Cannot totally uninstall Discord and the program still exist after restarting the computer? The incomplete removal issue is a common problem that many people asked in recently, so this time, [...]

Remove LINE

Clean and Remove LINE with Professional Tool on Windows

LINE (line) for Windows is a communication application developed by South Korea's Naver Group, and people can make calls and enjoy the e-mails services for free with this application. To remove [...]


Remove Slack from Computer with Effective Guides

Slack app uninstall instructions - learn how to remove Slack from this post, and you will be able to get rid of this app quickly on your PC. About the application: Slack is a program belongs to [...]

uninstall Skype

Remove and Uninstall Skype with Available and Effective Ways (Updated)

Need tech support to uninstall Skype from the PC? Many people may need such a help to remove the program effective from their computers. So, now, let's see what's a good way to remove Skype and [...]

uninstall WhatsApp

Instructions to Uninstall WhatsApp Well on Windows System

As a popular instant messaging application, WhatsApp has many users all around the world, but many people found that this program would cause some issues when try to remove it on the computer. If [...]

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