Completely Uninstall XAMPP from Windows with Effective Guides

How do you uninstall XAMPP? Is it a trouble for you to totally clean up its files and components on the PC? Here are some useful guides with images and video that can help you perform a complete removal for the program.


uninstall XAMPP

Developed by Apache Friends, XAMPP is a free and open-source cross-platform web server solution stack package. The XAMPP's installation on the computer will bring a lot of files and folders like php, apache, and mysql.

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Why people cannot remove it smoothly?

Numerous installed files and data are usually the problem for people to remove XAMPP successfully on the computer. Many of you might be encountering the following issues in currently:

These removing problems are usually above many common users' sphere, so, they often cannot troubleshoot it well when they are in such difficulties. To remove XAMPP effectively without these annoying issues, you can learn some effective ways from the following content.

How can uninstall XAMPP well from PC

Traditional method: remove it with Windows uninstall feature







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Manual method: use the app's uninstall process

There are always some files and folders cannot removed thoroughly during the uninstallation, so, to totally remove XAMPP in the traditional or manual way, you should check those leftovers and manually clean them on the computer. Otherwise, the app will not be installed successfully again, and you also probably get other further issue on the computer.

To perform a faster and also complete removal, you can refer to the following method.

Automatic method: uninstall XAMPP with Total Uninstaller

To simplify the removing steps and clean up the stubborn files more effectively, you can choose to remove XAMPP with Total Uninstaller.

uninstall XAMPP with TU

complete uninstall XAMPP



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Posted By: Patrick / Apr 30, 2019

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