Disable and Remove TOSHIBA Flash Card Guides for Windows

Need to remove TOSHIBA Flash Cards for troubleshooting some problems on the PC? You may need the following knowledge and instructions to know more about this software as well as the proper removal instructions.

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Software overview

remove Toshiba Flash Cards

TOSHIBA Flash Cards is a utility to support the built-in flash card in the computer. Replace the previous "Hot Key Utility" on Windows, it also provides the "Hot Key Utility" (the Fn key) to execute the assigned functionality. The TOSHIBA Flash Cards is usually pre-installed in the Toshiba laptops, so the Toshiba users will find it running on their devices at the very beginning.

By default, TOSHIBA Flash Cards is installed in this directory: C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Utilities\KeNotify.exe. After the installation, when you move the cursor to the end of the screen, you will find the cards displaying at there. Besides the installed files, registry keys and entries are also added to the system's registry, temporary files and caches are also created and saved on the computer hard drive while using the cards on the PC.

Can I remove Toshiba Flash Cards?

Since the Toshiba Flash Cards often pre-installed on the computer, some people are not sure about whether it can be disable or removed from the PC. Actually, the cards is not indispensable for the system performance. So you can choose to keep or remove it from the computer. What's more, as people often encounter a problem with the cards, it is a good resolution to remove it temporarily from the device.

Steps to disable Flash Cards (Fn Key) functions on PC

How can remove Toshiba Flash Cards effectively

Tradition way to uninstall it on PC



If Toshiba Flash Cards does is not available on Control Panel's removing feature, you can consider to remove the cards in this manual way or try the second way or removal:

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Remove Toshiba Flash Cards with an easier resolution

In addition to the common third party apps, Toshiba Flash Cards also can be removed by the Total Uninstaller, which can save some annoying manual removing steps for you.

Remove Toshiba Flash Cards guides with Total Uninstaller:


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