Effective Guides to Uninstall Fitbit Connect Easily

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Do you get any trouble when uninstall Fitbit Connect on the computer? Can you totally remove this program by yourself without further issue? This post will be going to figure out this problem and provides the available solutions for you to get rid of Fitbit Connect on your PC.

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Fitbit Connect is a tool developed by Fitbit and enable users to syncing their tracker with the computer, so as to connect and sync on the home's wireless network effectively. Upon installation, this program will create a series of data and configurations on the computer, as well as the associated registry entries on the system.

Have you got any trouble when need to uninstall Fitbit Connect from the computer? Many people posted some removing problems of that app online, so today, let's focus on how can remove the program smoothly from Windows system.

General issues of removing Fitbit Connect

Importance of removing Fitbit Connect completely

Since many people encounter the same problem that the program cannot be reinstalled when people do not completely remove the previous one from Windows, it is very necessary and also important to learn the correct way to thoroughly remove the program from PC.

Take proper ways to uninstall Fitbit Connect completely from PC

1.Traditional removal: remove it with Windows removing feature

This is a manual way to remove the program on the computer, so please be patient and conduct the following removing steps one by one.

W8 - programs and features



Wait, if you want to totally remove the program, you still need to do the following removing jobs manually:


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2.More effective approach: uninstall Fitbit Connect with automatic uninstaller

Tired of taking the manual steps to remove the program as well as its remnants on the PC? There is one more popular and also effective way to uninstall unwanted applications from the computer - taking a qualified app uninstaller, which is able to perform an automatic removal for the unwanted app, and more significantly, it can provide a 100% removal for the program and leave nothing associated on the PC.

Wanna try to uninstall Fitbit Connect? You can get Total Uninstaller from here and remove the program with the following guides (illustrations and video):

uninstall Fitbit Connect




Video demonstration

If you get still get some problems to remove Fitbit Connect, please try to temporarily disable your antivirus program or firewall, and stop the program running as well, and try to uninstall the program again.

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Posted By: Patrick / Dec 19, 2017

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