Fast Way to Uninstall CPU-Z Program from Windows OS

Uninstall CPU-Z

Want to find a fast and effective way to uninstall CPU-Z? This post will provide the available and the best approach for you to clear this application thoroughly from the computer.

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What is CPU-Z?

CPU-Z app is a freeware that can gather the basic information and profile of the Windows system, including the RAM, central processing unit, motherboard chipset, and other main devices' features. It is developed by CPUID, and the default installation folder on computer is "C:\Program Files\CPUID\CPU-Z\"

Associated install files and configurations of CPU-Z:

When the program is coming to a computer, many configurations and data will also be created and located on the associated folders, when it turns to uninstall CPU-Z, you should take out all of these things and content from the PC. And here, we will introduce three ways which are all available to remove the program, and you can choose the most effective way you think to perform the removal on your own PC.

Removing methods to uninstall CPU-Z on PC

Uninstall it with the removing feature in Window's Control Panel

According to many people's experiences of removing programs from PC, they have already been very familiar with the Windows' removing feature which located in the Control Panel, so maybe I don't need to introduce too much about this feature, and now, let's see how can take this way to manually remove CPU-Z from the computer.

W8 - programs and features





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Remove CPU-Z with its own uninstall feature

Alternatively, you can choose another manual way to get rid of CPU-Z, which is taking its specific uninstall process in its installation folder.



Like the above manual removing way, taking this approach to uninstall CPU-Z also leave a leftovers issue on the computer, so, after finishing the app uninstallation, please remember to take additional cleaning job to erase all of its vestiges on the PC.

Uninstall CPU-Z with an effective app removal utility

For people who want a faster and easier way to uninstall CPU-Z, especially avoid the long and annoying manual deleting steps, it is suggested to apply an advanced app uninstaller like Total Uninstaller to remove CPU-Z as well as other apps you want to remove from the computer. Take a look at the following removing steps, you will find that CPU-Z can be removed thoroughly and quickly from the PC.

remove CPU-Z





If you need more specific information or support about the program, you can contact the CPU-Z support team to troubleshoot the problem on your computer.

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Posted By: Admin / Jan 09, 2018

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