How to Fully Uninstall BitComet with Ease from PC

uninstall BitComet

BitComet is another cross-protocol BitTorrent client like Deluge and qBittorrent, if you are using this program but want to remove it now. The following guides will show you how can uninstall BitComet easily and thoroughly from the computer.

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Know more about BitComet removal problem

Previously named as SimpleBT, BitComet has been changed its named from versions 0.37. When there is a need to uninstall BitComet from the PC, some people find that it is too hard to finish the removal on their computers. And the common problems they usually encounter are:

To get rid of this program correctly and completely, you should make sure all of files and configurations can be deleted cleanly when perform the app uninstallation on the computer. Otherwise you cannot go further and continue to be annoyed by its leftovers problem.

How can fully uninstall BitComet on PC

1.Traditional way to remove it manually on PC









2.Use its uninstall process to remove the program itself


3.Uninstall BitComet with Total Uninstaller

Using an advanced uninstall tool to remove unwanted program can scan and delete all of associated files and registry keys thoroughly, and people don't need to clean them manually after performing the standard removal on the PC. Therefore, it is a good alternative to apply Total Uninstaller to remove BitComet for you, it is able to scan out and fully remove all files and components from different locations on the computer.

Guides with images and video to show you how to uninstall BitComet:

uninstall BitComet




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Posted By: Jamie / Jan 21, 2020

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