How to Fully Uninstall eScan Anti-Virus Edition on Windows System

uninstall eScan Anti-Virus Edition

Do you wish to entirely uninstall eScan Anti-Virus Edition? Does your computer usually run slowly after you install it on the system? Does your computer start to get bombarded by uncontrollable dialog box after eScan Anti-Virus Edition totally get installed on the system, if so, It is recommended to take some time to read the article below for it discusses how to safely clean up this security protection program from the system.

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Causes for eScan Anti-Virus Edition Removal

Symptoms of the Invalid eScan Anti-Virus Edition

How to Successfully Uninstall eScan Anti-Virus Edition?

How to Uninstall eScan Anti-Virus Edition without the assistance of the third-party entities?

Step One: Uninstall with Windows utility.

For Windows 7 Users


For Windows 8 Users

For Windows 10 Users







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Additional guides to clean the leftovers of eScan Anti-Virus Edition

run regedit to open registry (1)


Step Two: Clean up the unneeded registry files.

The Windows registry is identified as one of the crucial parts of the system for it is responsible for storing settings and options information of low-level system services and third-party programs. The manual removal for registry files requires the user to be properly trained to deal with the deep side of the system. Any mistakes happen during the process are likely to lead to irreparable damage to the system as well as undesirable system problems. To safely remove the useless registry files from the registry, it is suggested to seek assistance from a trusted third-party registry cleaner.

Step Three: Delete the associated program files from local disk.

The uninstall task of eScan Anti-Virus Edition with the help of Windows built-in utility cannot clean up the files stored on the local disk simultaneously. To fully uninstall eScan Anti-Virus Edition, users have to find out the program files of the program from local disk and remove them. It is suggested to follow the listed tutorials to perform the modification:

Automatic Removal Instructions for eScan Anti-Virus Edition





Here is the detailed information about how to fully uninstall eScan Anti-Virus Edition on Windows 10 with the assistance of Total Uninstaller, and you also can try check the video tutorials to get to learn how to remove it with Total Uninstaller.

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