Guides to Stop and Uninstall Google Backup and Sync on Windows

Google Backup and Sync is a storage tool that allows people back up and sync their personal files and folders online. When you need to uninstall Google Backup and Sync from your Windows computer for some reasons, the following removal instructions might be helpful for you.

More detailed information of the product

Google Backup and Sync for Windows

Google Backup and Sync allows people to store their important files from their devices like computer, camera and tablet in the cloud. Different from the common files saving on the computer's hard drive, it is more convenient and easier for people to access to these content on anywhere and any device.

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When finish to install the program on the computer, you will find that there are three new apps' shortcuts added to the desktop: Google docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, even though, you don't need to worry about you should remove them one by one when tend to delete Google Backup and Sync from the computer. Removing Google Backup and Sync program on the PC can clear out all of these items effectively.

To disconnect Backup and Sync account, pause or uninstall Google Backup and Sync, the following instructions will show you how to do.

Optional ways to uninstall Google Backup and Sync from the computer

Way 1: Use Program and Features in Windows' Control Panel

This is a traditional and also a manual removal way on Windows system, the Program and Features enable users to remove those third party applications which haven't been corrupted or removed beforehand.





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Way 2: Apply Total Uninstaller to remove Google Backup and Sync

Total Uninstaller is able to uninstall Google Backup and Sync as well, you can check these removal guides or video tutorials at the bottom to learn about specific uninstall steps.

uninstall Google Backup and Sync





How to simply disconnect or pause the app on Windows computer

If you don't want to remove Google Backup and Sync in currently but just want to stop the app on the PC, you can refer to the how-to guides below.

How to disconnect Backup and Sync account

To pause the program, you just need to click Pause on the More section.

Video tutorials about how to uninstall Google Backup and Sync with Total Uninstaller:

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