Guides to Uninstall Greenshot Smoothly from Windows

Greenshot removal guides for common PC users: take an effective solution to uninstall Greenshot program from Windows.

About the program

uninstall Greenshot

Greenshot is an open-source screenshot software tool for Windows, it is free to use for the people to take screenshots for a selected region. Once installed, it might not create a shortcut on the computer's desktop, but you will see its icon on the right side of the taskbar.

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Cannot conduct the removal successfully?

Have you ever tried to uninstall Greenshot but the result is not optimistic? Do you get any notification and have to stop the removing process on the PC? Here are some general problems of removing this software:

How can uninstall Greenshot smoothly from PC

Stop running Greenshot Before start the removal

Whatever way you finally choose to remove Greenshot, you should firstly stop running Greenshot on the computer, otherwise, the PC will not allow you to uninstall it.


1 - Use Windows removing feature

remove Greenshot



Removing feature in the Windows' Control Panel can perform a standard removal for the program on the PC, but it usually cannot perform a 100% removal for the program's files. Therefore, if you often uninstall the program in this way, remember to search for the leftovers and remove them manually.

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2 - Remove Greenshot via Start menu


3 - Uninstall Greenshot with professional app removal

To totally remove the unwanted program in a quick way, you can choose to apply an advanced utility to help you perform the uninstallation. And here you can take Total Uninstaller to get rid of this program with the following guides.

Steps to uninstall Greenshot with Total Uninstaller:

Uninstall Greenshot





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Posted By: Jamie / May 21, 2019

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