Guides to Uninstall MAME from Windows PC

Do you want to uninstall MAME from Windows for some reasons of the program's performance? Or just need to remove some apps for freeing up the limited computer space? Here are some how-to guides that can support you perform a complete removal for the application.

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About MAME

uninstall MAME

MAME is an open-source emulator that can recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in software on user's PCs or other platforms for free. With this program, people can preserve their gaming histories and avoid being lost or forgotten for some reasons. It is available for different operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD, Amiga, etc.

Common removal problems of the program

Available guides and options to uninstall MAME

Option 1 – remove with Windows Apps and Features



Option 2 – delete it in the roms folder


Sometimes people might cannot find the program available on the programs list of Windows Apps and Features, in this case, you can try to find out and delete all of files with the program in the roms folder. If you are not familiar with this removal way or still cannot remove MAME with this method, you can consider to take another way to uninstall it.

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Option 3 – uninstall MAME by Total Uninstall

Besides the traditional and manual removal, taking a professional uninstall tool is another way which is more popular in nowadays to remove the applications. Different from taking the time-consuming and incomplete standard removal on the computer, the smart utility can help you to scan all related files with the program, and enable users to delete them thoroughly with a few of seconds. Therefore, to uninstall MAME, you also can take an advanced removal tool like Total Uninstaller.

Specific guides and tutorials to remove MAME:

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