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Simple Instructions to Uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus on PC

uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus

Virus Eraser Antivirus is one of the products designed by Virus Eraser security lab. It is advertised to be lightweight and easy-to-install, and is specifically used to help computer users to detect, remove and destroy multiple types of malicious programs coming from the cyber space. Even if it is reported that there have been millions of PC users have downloaded this antivirus program, the problems push users to uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus still exist.

Why Do Users Have to Uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus?

  • Virus Eraser Antivirus cannot get activated completely while there exists several running system services and third-party program running at the background of the system.
  • Program starts to shut down frequently after you allow other brands of free trial version of third-party antivirus program get installed on the system.
  • Specific files of Virus Eraser Antivirus are damaged due to inaccurate modification over system files.
  • The associated processes of the app cannot be disabled on the start-up function.

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You may run into several problems if you have an invalid version of Virus Eraser Antivirus:

  • Huge sum of system resources have been exhausted by Virus Eraser Antivirus and the system performance remains unstable.
  • The basic system settings are found to be modified silently.
  • Other legal third-party programs or security related services usually fail to get installed on the system.
  • Increasing times of system shutdown as well as obscure Windows system pops-up drive users mad.
  • Irremovable leftovers are usually discovered on the computer system.

Manually Uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus

It is suggested to take advantage of another uninstall method to take the place of the manual removal suggestion. To safely remove Virus Eraser Antivirus with the help of the manual removal guides, you should have the ability to safely modify the registry keys, identify and remove program files and deal with Windows Uninstaller. Any problems occur during the manual removal process are likely to bring about a list of destructive consequences to the vulnerable system. You can follow the steps listed below to uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus manually.

Step One: Uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus With Windows Uninstall Utility

For Windows 7 Users

  • Click Start button to open up Start menu, and then get access to the Control Panel.
  • Go to Programs, and then navigate to Programs and Features.


  • Scroll through the program list and highlight Virus Eraser Antivirus, click the Uninstall button to start the removal task.
  • Follow the popped-up instructions to uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus.

For Windows 8 Users

  • Right click the bottom of the screen on the left side and then navigate to Control Panel.
  • From Category, click to open up “Uninstall a program” under “Programs” group.
  • If you are under Small Icons, directly navigate to Programs and Features.


  • Highlight Virus Eraser Antivirus, click Uninstall.
  • Click Yes to start the removal, and then follow the instructions to uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus.

For Windows 10 Users

  • Click Start button, and then navigate to Settings.
  • From Settings, go to System.


  • From the Control Panel of System utility, click Apps&features to navigate to the uninstall platform.



  • Scroll through the programs on the right pane, or search the name with the search utility.


  • Highlight Virus Eraser Antivirus, right click it to display the Uninstall Click Uninstall to start the removal.
  • Click the second Uninstall button to proceed to App removal.

Step Two: Wipe Out Useless Registry Files.

The Windows registry is a database typically developed by Microsoft PC experts to store the settings and configuration information of low-level system services as well as third-party software. It is one of the crucial parts of Windows Operating System. Any improper changes over this part of the system can possibly lead to a list of undesirable system problems which cannot be fixed manually. You can take actions to remove the registry leftovers through the instructions mentioned below:

  • Click Start, and then type regedit on the pop-up, press Enter button to open up Registry Editor.


  • From Files, click Export to make a backup for the current version of registry files in order to be able to restore the files once critical error happens during the uninstall process. Choose a location on the disk for the backup file.


  • Back to the control panel of Registry Editor, press “Ctrl+F” button to activate the search function, type the name of the registry key onto it and then press Enter.


  • Right click the registry files that have just been found out. Select Delete option to remove them.
  • Click OK to confirm the modification.

Step Three: Clean Up the Program Files of Virus Eraser Antivirus.

You can follow the detailed instructions to remove the program files in the hard disk.

  • Go to This PC, press ”Ctrl+F” to activate the search utility.
  • Type Virus Eraser Antivirus onto the latest pop-up, press Enter.
  • Right click the program folder that has been found, select Delete option to remove it.
  • Click Yes to confirm the removal task.

Automatic Uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus

  • Make sure that all of the running processes of Virus Eraser Antivirus have been fully disabled.
  • Double-click to run Total Uninstaller.


  • Locate Virus Eraser Antivirus from the program list on the right side of Total Uninstaller. Click Run Analysis to allow Total Uninstaller to search for the associated files of Virus Eraser Antivirus.

uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus with Total Uninstaller

  • Once the scan completes, click Complete Uninstall to remove the files that have been found out.


  • Click Yes from the dialog box to confirm the removal of the files and follow the instructions to uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus.
  • Once the uninstall confirmation pops up, ignore it.
  • Click Scan Leftovers to scan the unneeded components of Virus Eraser Antivirus.


  • Once the scan completes, click Delete Leftovers to remove the entire useless files of Virus Eraser Antivirus.


  • Click Yes in the dialog box to confirm the modification and then click OK to end the removal.

Video presentation to uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus with Total Uninstaller

Please note that the Virus Eraser Antivirus may mislead that the program is being installed when you try to uninstall Virus Eraser Antivirus with Total Uninstaller, don't worry about that and just follow what we show you to remove the program, you will be able to perform the complete removal for the antivirus application after following the removing steps we provided to you.

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