Instructions to Uninstall Rainlendar Completely in A Simple Way

Already uninstall Rainlendar but still get an error message with this program? Can't find an effective way to remove this program from PC? Try the way introduced below, you will be able to get rid of it thoroughly.

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About Rainlendar application

uninstall Rainlendar

Rainlendar is a customize calendar program available for Windows, through which users can keep their important personal events and tasks on the interface. The file size on Windows 10/8/7/XP is 118,784 bytes, and the program usually locates in the subfolder of "C:\Program Files".

Files and data of Rainlendar are not essential for the Windows OS, they can be deleted completely from the computer if you need to uninstall Rainlendar. In addition, it also creates some registry keys which store in the Windows system registry.

Problems you might encounter when remove Rainlendar

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How to uninstall Rainlendar completely in a right way

1. Conventional removal: use Windows removal feature



2. Take Total Uninstaller to uninstall Rainlendar

If you want to make the program removal much easier and faster, you can take Total Uninstaller to replace the traditional removal. As a smart third party app removal tool, the uninstaller can scan out all files with the application, and then provides a simple and quick removal for those content.

How-to guides to remove Rainlendar with Total Uninstaller


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Posted By: Patrick / Jan 14, 2021

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