How to Remove IDrive from Windows Completely?

Are you looking for a tutorial on how to remove IDrive from a Windows computer? But you might get confused about selecting a method for you. Or do you want to save time on uninstalling IDrive and become a master in uninstalling Windows programs? This guide is written for anyone who knows nothing about uninstalling and deleting leftovers and wants to use basic computer skills taught here to remove IDrive completely. By the end of this post, you will be able to uninstall a program from Windows on your own.

IDrive Overview

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IDrive features:

How to Remove IDrive from Windows Based PC?

If you've been always looking to remove IDrive completely but don't know from where to start, the provided two methods are for you. We'll get how to uninstall IDrive manually, and we'll also get how to uninstall IDrive automatically. So, it is time to lean about the two methods and become capable of removing any unwanted programs from a Windows based computer.

First Method: Remove IDrive in Manual Way

Get everything you need to know about uninstalling IDrive through the step by step manual method. We cover 3 manual ways to help you clearly understand what you can do to remove IDrive from your computer on your own. So, continue reading to figure it out.

① Using IDrive's Built-in Uninstaller

Uninstalling IDrive from the Windows Start menu utilizes the program's built-in uninstaller, which is very easy to get started.  Just follow the simple steps as followed.

close IDrive

start menu

remove IDrive

click uninstall


uninstall status

② Using Control Panel

control panel

uninstall a program

click uninstall

③ Using Windows Settings

This manual way is right for those people who are working on Windows 10 computer.

Windows 10 settings

Windows 10 Settings

remove IDrive

Second Method: Remove IDrive in Automatic

Get an easy and automatic way to remove IDrive without any effort. We will use the carefully-developed uninstaller tool called Total Uninstaller, which will analyze the target IDrive program and uninstall and clean out leftovers with a few clicks. Compared with the manual way, the professional Total Uninstaller delivers you a thorough cleaning of the leftover files and registry entries. And even this won't spend much time and effort. So, let's figure out how Total Uninstaller uninstalls IDrive from Windows.

remove IDrive

complete uninstall

remove IDrive

IDrive is uninstalled
Refer to remove IDrive through Total Uninstaller:


We cover two methods here to help you feel more confident in uninstalling a program from Windows than ever could. If you are looking to know more about the manual ways, then the first method involving 3 different ways may help you better understand what you need to do to uninstall a program on your own. If you are looking for using optimal uninstaller software to help you save a lot of time in uninstalling, then the so-called Total Uninstaller will be a good start. No matter which method you prefer, deleting IDrive leftovers is a key part of a complete uninstalling task. So when you remove IDrive or any other programs, make sure all leftovers are also deleted.

Posted By: Harper / Sep 09, 2021

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