How to Remove Inkscape - Inkscape Uninstall Guides

Unable to remove Inkscape is a common uninstall problems in recently on Windows PC. To get rid of this program with ease from the computer, you can check the following guides with images and video tutorials.

All about Inkscape

remove Inkscape

Inkscape is a open-source vector graphics editor can be used for free by the user. It is able to create and edit vector graphics, including diagrams, charts, illustrations and etc. The program is usually installed in "C:\Program Files\Inkscape" by default, and more than 131 items stored in its installation folder, including the software's own uninstall process.

To remove Inkscape, you can choose to use the app's uninstall process, Windows' uninstall process, or a professional uninstaller to conduct the removal, however, it seems like not all of the people can take these way to uninstall the program smoothly.

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General issues of removing Inkscape

How to remove Inkscape properly with these three available ways

One - take app's own uninstall process




Two - use Windows' uninstaller to uninstall it



Some people might encounter the removing process stops halfway when taking the above two methods to uninstall Inkscape, in this case, you will have to take an uninstaller to remove this software.

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Three - apply Total Uninstaller to remove Inkscape more quickly

If want a easier or faster way to uninstall the program, or the above way cannot help you to remove the app successfully. You can take Total Uninstaller to help you perform an automatic program uninstall and leftovers removal on the computer.

uninstall Inkscape

complete uninstall Inkscape



For more details about how to use the uninstaller, you can see this specific video:

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