How to Remove and Uninstall SMPlayer on the Computer

Need some effective guides to uninstall SMPlayer effectively from the Windows based PC? There are some SMPlayer overviews and removing instructions that might be useful for you.

What is SMPlayer?

uninstall SMPlayer

SMPlayer is a media player for Windows that available for free for the user. It is an open-source software subject with built-in codecs that can support the user to play YouTube videos and other different video and audio formats.

By default, the program usually is installed in C:\players\smplayer if you do not change the install directory. And you also can find a specific uninstall process inside the installation folder, which enable you to uninstall the application itself on the computer.

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Why some users cannot remove the program smoothly?

There are many possible reasons for people unable to uninstall a program on the computer, and the most common causes for people cannot remove SMPlayer are: the program itself has been damaged and lack of some cure files/date; SMPlayer encounters an error and does not appear on the programs list of Windows removing feature in Control Panel; the app's uninstall process has no response when people double-click to activate it, and etc.

What's the right way to uninstall SMPlayer from PC

Optional way 1: remove it with Windows removing feature





Optional way 2: uninstall SMPlayer with its uninstall process



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Optional way 3: remove it automatically with Total Uninstaller

Installed applications on the Windows PC also can be removed by a smart uninstaller, which performs more professionally than the conventional way to totally erase the program from PC. And Total Uninstaller is able to scan and remove SMPlayer within a short time, and the user don't need to worry about any leftover issue which should be resolved by the annoying manual removal.

Instructions to uninstall SMPlayer with Total Uninstaller (with images and video tutorial):

uninstall SMPlayer




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Posted By: Jamie / Dec 19, 2019

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