Safely Uninstall Pidgin Program from Windows In A Right Way

Pidgin is a multi-platform instant messaging client developed with open-source, Gaim is its former name and available for free for all users. Some people can't find a proper way to uninstall Pidgin from the computer. So now, it's turn to talk about the right way to remove this program on PC.

uninstall Pidgin

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General causes to uninstall Pidgin

Problems of removing Pidgin

To remove Pidgin from the computer, you take the traditional uninstall feature on Windows or apply the uninstaller to perform the removal.

How to uninstall Pidgin properly from Windows (with images and video)

Manually remove it with Windows uninstall feature





If you cannot find the program available on the list, or it will always remove other applications at the same time, you should take another ways to remove this program on the PC.


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Uninstall Pidgin with removal utility

Different to the manual removal on Windows, applying a removal utility can remove the program more quickly and easily form the PC. And here are more details (with images and video tutorials) about how to removing this program with Total Uninstaller.

uninstall Pidgin


Video guides to uninstall Pidgin:

Total Uninstaller can scan all of associated Pidgin's files on the hard disk, and more importantly, it can force remove these components from the computer without make any file left behind. Thus, you can totally free up your disk space which is taken up by the app before hand, and also can choose to reinstall the program smoothly.

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Posted By: Patrick / Mar 07, 2019

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