Solutions to Uninstall Trillian Smoothly from PC

Trillian is a program that can be used in many different operating systems. To uninstall Trillian from Windows, you can learn the following basics and take the available methods to perform the app removal on your PC.

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More details about Trillian

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Trillian is an instant messaging application widely used for business, and the developer is Cerulean Studios. This message tool can connect to multiple IM services and social networking sites like AIM, Bonjour, and Facebook.

Installation information

By default, Trillian is installed in this default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Trillian. Upon the installation, it will create a set of necessary data and files in its folder. When you create and login the app with your account, personal account files are also saved in the installation folder. In addition, program's registry keys will be added to the System Registry.

Common problems of removing Trillian

To totally get rid of the program as well as its files from the computer, you might need to get an effective way to find and wipe off them thoroughly.

Uninstall Trillian with one of these available ways

After trying to remove the program from my test computer, I found some removing problems of this application, and these ways will help you to delete it effectively.

  1. Take Total Uninstaller to remove it

As an app removal utility for Windows, it is able to uninstall unwanted programs effectively, including Trillian. So it does not take too much time to finish the app removal on PC.

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Steps to uninstall Trillian with Total Uninstaller (with images and video)

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Video guides for more details:

2. Uninstall Trillian with Apps and Features on Windows

Apps and Features on Windows 10 is the built-in app removing utility that allows people to uninstall program. Even though, it is usually cannot return a 100% removal back to the user. So, after performing the standard removal in this way, we should check for its leftovers and remove them completely from the PC.


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Posted By: Patrick / Mar 19, 2019

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