How can Stop and Remove UC Browser Completely from Computer

uninstall UC Browser

Seeking a way to uninstall UC Browser? What happen to this program and can you remove it smoothly on your PC? This web browser may cause some problems when you try to delete it, and it's time to figure it out and remove UC Browser successfully from the computer.

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UC Browser is a web browser app developed by UCWeb, Alibaba, which can be installed and used for free on the computer and even the mobile phones, its installation on the computer usually brings an auto-start registry entry that allows itself to run on each boot, and a background controller service is also created and make the program itself automatically operate on the PC. And the common installed files and registry keys are listed here:

Common causes of removing the program:

If you also need to remove UC Browser from the computer for some reasons, you can take the following instructions to perform an effective and completely removal for the web browser.

Take manual or automatic ways to remove UC Browser well

Since UC Browser is a web browser that usually contains many personal data and bookmarks, before start the removal, please remember to backup your personal information and bookmarks, otherwise you will lose them after uninstalling UC Browser.

Option one - Take Windows uninstall feature to remove it manually

Windows uninstall feature contained in the Control Panel enable people to uninstall unwanted program, but it requires the user to complete all of the removing processes independently.

Step 1: uninstall the program

W8 - programs and features



Step 2: clean its vestiges - registry keys

Cleaning all of related registry keys via the Registry Editor is an important step for totally remove the program from computer, however, many people do not realize this and usually think that the program removal can be finished after performing the first step of removal. So please keep in mind that it is necessary to delete all of the remnants after removing the program from Control Panel.

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Option two - Uninstall UC Browser more quickly with Total Uninstaller

Compare to the manual removal which should take all of the removing steps independently, taking a good app uninstall tool can take over all of these annoying manual steps, and let the user get a complete removal with several simple clicking jobs.

remove UC Browser





If you are still not so clear about the specific removal steps, you can also check this video from YouTube.

As you can see that all of the possible remnants will be scanned and removed by the uninstaller automatically if you take this way to conduct the app removal, if you also would like to get a try, you can choose to download Total Uninstaller via clicking on this download button.

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Posted By: Harper / Aug 15, 2017

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