Stop and Uninstall Apache OpenOffice with Proper Solution

Apache OpenOffice users often encounter a problem of removing the program smoothly from the PC? So, is it really so difficult to uninstall Apache OpenOffice from the computer. Let's figure out this issue right now.

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What's Apache OpenOffice? It is an open-source office productivity software suite that published by the Apache Software Foundation, it provides a series of standard office apps like word processor(Writer), spreadsheet (Calc), presentation application (Impress), drawing application (Draw), formula editor (Math), and database management application (Base).

uninstall Apache OpenOffice

What's the common problem to remove OpenOffice? Some people might encounter the program cannot be totally stopped running when try to remove it (Windows system will not let you to uninstall a program which is still running on the PC); associated files and settings cannot be cleared well with the program; or the program remove got an error code and cannot be continued. To uninstall OpenOffice successfully from the computer, it's the key to take the proper way to conduct the program removal.

The current version of Apache OpenOffice installing on my PC is 4.15.9789, and it takes 337 MB of space on computer. And now, you can see how do I perform the app removal on the computer, and you can follow the same way to uninstall the program as well.

Successful ways to uninstall Apache OpenOffice well from PC

Take professional uninstaller to perform a quick removal

To handle the app removal with ease and get a 100% complete uninstallation of the program, taking a professional uninstall utility must be the most effective way for people to get rid of the unwanted application from the computer. And Total Uninstaller is competent enough to totally uninstall Apache OpenOffice on the PC.


uninstall Apache OpenOffice with TU




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Take standard means to remove the program manually

manually remove Apache OpenOffice





Note: this is very important to delete leftovers in this manual removal, because the related files of Apache OpenOffice cannot be totally removed in the standard program removal, so you should take additional steps to clear those leftovers the the computer. Otherwise, you will see the program still appears on the PC, and cause the program cannot be reinstalled, or create a program conflict issue when you try to install another office software.

Useful tips to stop app running and back up registry

Sometimes you might find nothing on the main interface of task manager, but it does not mean that there is no process running at the background, in this situation, you should click on More details at the bottom to check all of running process on the computer.

In addition, in case of removing a wrong registry and cause serious system issue on the computer, it is suggested to back up the registry key you are going to delete on the system, and you can follow these steps to complete the registry back-up:

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Posted By: Patrick / Feb 12, 2018

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