Tips to Remove Driver Reviver from PC - Driver Reviver Uninstallation

Still looking for a way to remove Driver Reviver successfully from the PC? I just to installed this program on Windows, and now, let's see how can uninstall this program effectively.

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What is Driver Reviver


Driver Reviver is a driver optimize tool that ensures those drivers keep up-to-date on the computer, the publisher is ReviverSoft which comes from the United States.

This program can be downloaded quickly from its official website and some well-known download resources online. After installing the application on the computer, it will scan your computer's drivers completely, and post a scan report which tells you all status of these drivers.

Something you should know before the uninstallation

Before starting to remove Driver Reviver from the computer, you should get to know about some knowledge about the program uninstallation:


Try the following ways to Remove Driver Reviver

Uninstall it via the Windows uninstall panel


remove Driver Reviver


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Use its own uninstall process


Remove Driver Reviver with Total Uninstaller

To avoid those files still remain on the computer after removing the program, you can apply Total Uninstaller to delete this program automatically for you. The advanced uninstall utility can scan all files and remove them forcibly from the PC, moreover, it provides a leftovers removal feature which can help you clean all stubborn files effectively.

To remove Driver Reviver in this way, you can refer to the following guides:

remove Driver Reviver




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Posted By: Patrick / Aug 06, 2019

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