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Can't Install Adobe Acrobat Pro - How to Uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro Completely?

If you're looking to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro completely or fix the can't install Adobe Acrobat Pro issue, get more detail instruction and guidance, or discover a powerful and optimal uninstaller tool, then this is the perfect tutorial for you to succeed in uninstalling Adobe Acrobat Pro from Windows. Whatever your motivation to start this, you've come to the right place.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Overview

When talk to Adobe document tool, I believe that most of us already know or even master the powerful Adobe Acrobat Pro because it is a priority when it comes to create, edit, share and sign PDFs. There are millions of organizations in the world depending on using Adobe Acrobat Pro to work with their daily-basis PDF documents, especially when they have to collaborate with others in different locations. The advanced technology of Adobe Acrobat Pro can make that an easy thing effortlessly. And the constant improvements deliver you more new capabilities and improve your experience. So, when we need to create PDFs, convert PDFs, edit PDFs, share PDFs, sign PDFs or more, the industry's top-level of Adobe Acrobat Pro can be said to be the number one choice.
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Acrobat Pro Features:

Adobe Acrobat Pro empowers everybody with unparalleled convenience to keep all projects moving from anywhere. Whether you need to collaborate with your colleague or share documents with any others, Adobe Acrobat Pro can keep the collaboration going from any device and any location.

Adobe Acrobat Pro helps users review their collaborative projects online easily. You can send an email with a link to your PDF, and the recipients only need to open and review all content by clicking the provided link, no more complex and robust attachments.

Adobe Acrobat Pro increases your productivity anywhere. The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC allows every user to view, edit, convert, export and create PDFs on a table or mobile phone.

Adobe Acrobat Pro supports e-signatures, which means that users won't need a pen to sign signature, but sign electronically. Moreover, you can track progress and archive all the signed PDFs from anywhere. Besides that, Adobe Acrobat Pro delivers you an easy way to collect some legally-binding e-signatures from any users.

Adobe Acrobat Pro still has a powerful function that can transform business with digital documents. This means that Adobe Acrobat Pro can cater your 100% digital workflows and everything is on your control in real time.

How to Uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro from Windows Completely?

Follow the step-by-step guidance to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro from your Windows completely. As the time you uninstall this program completely, the issue can't install Adobe Acrobat Pro probably is also fixed. This method is perfect for those people who failed to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro on their own but want a successful removal. We will utilizes an optimal uninstaller software called Total Uninstaller. The Total Uninstaller is powerful and efficient uninstaller tool that takes you from zero skills to be effortless in uninstalling any unwanted programs from any Windows computer. And this professional uninstaller is designed for anyone who want to uninstall programs completely and effortlessly. So, if you are a complete newbie or someone needs help, don't miss out on using this Total Uninstaller.

Step 1: Download Total Uninstaller and install it on your computer. Total Uninstallers offers everybody a one-time free trial, unlimited functions to uninstall a selected program completely. To download Total Uninstaller, you can click Download to start.

Step 2: Launch Total Uninstaller > Select the Adobe Acrobat Pro app that you are going to uninstall > Click Run Analysis.
uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro

Warm tips: Total Uninstaller allows users to find and locate at a target app by Search box. Everybody can search an app's name to find it fast and easily. So, you can search the Adobe Acrobat Pro app to get it in no time if you have a lot of apps on your PC.

Step 3: Next, you will get a series of Adobe Acrobat Pro files, folders and registry entries. Click Complete Uninstall to make sure that you are ready to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro.
delete Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 4: Click Uninstall Now to confirm that you want to uninstall the select app. This will uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro and delete all its leftovers automatically.
uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 5: Click Next to make sure that you wan to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro from your computer.
uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 6: Select Remove and click Next to continue.


Step 7: Click Remove. Wait for a moment. Once done, click Finish.


Step 8: The Adobe Acrobat Pro uninstall was completed successfully. Click Finish and check. At last, Restart your PC to apply the change.
Adobe Acrobat Pro is uninstalled

Can't Install Adobe Acrobat Pro Due to Some Components of Previous Version Are Still in System?

If you've uninstalled Adobe Acrobat Pro from control panel but still can't install the latest update due to leftovers, then we recommend you start a  complete removal of those leftovers, like files, folders, and registry entries. It will be an easy thing here because we can use the powerful Registry Manager tool to get that done effortlessly. Refer to the steps as followed.s

Step 1: Launch Total Uninstaller > Click Tools.

Step 2: Click Registry Manager > Click Open Registry Manager.
registry manager

Step 3: On the top-left corner, click Search > Click Find... or press Ctrl+F key to get Find box.

Step 4: Enter the app's name 'Adobe Acrobat Pro' in Find box.
delete Adobe Acrobat Pro leftovers

Step 5: In the field of Search Result, press Ctrl+A key to select all registry entries and then right-click to select Remove all search results from Registry.  Once done, you have deleted all registry entries related to Adobe Acrobat Pro. Finally, Restart your computer to apply the change.
delete registry

Look at the simple video guide about how to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro through Total Uninstaller.


By the end of this post, you may have understood how to succeed in uninstalling a program from Windows. Regarding to today's topic of how to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro, we provide two methods here. Choose one method that is right for you. If you have any question about where to download Total Uninstaller, simply click the following button to download it with ease.

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