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How to Uninstall Adobe InDesign from Windows Completely?

Are you looking to uninstall Adobe InDesign from Windows Completely? Cannot uninstall Adobe InDesign and all its leftovers thoroughly? Or are you wondering how to be confident in uninstalling any unneeded programs from Windows easily? Don't miss out on the answers here, we have two methods for you. By the end of this post, you will know uninstall Adobe InDesign can be an easy thing.

Adobe InDesign Overview

Adobe InDesign is one of the most sought-after layout design and desktop publishing apps, owns this industry's top-level technologies and primely caters to everyone's need of layout design, desktop publishing, graphic designs, publishing books, digital magazines, printing media, and more other publishing needs. No matter what you need, poster, notice, show bill, leaflet, brochures, papers, magazines, power points, books or more other works, Adobe InDesign's well-proven functions and features can help you get what you want as the way you go. This is one of the reasons for why Adobe InDesign is often preferred by those web designers, production artists, product designer, marketers, publishers, businesses, social media experts, etc.
Uninstall Adobe InDesign
Besides that, Adobe InDesign allows you to work across all your desktop and mobile devices, all your works will be saved synchronously without losing any details and the design quality. Furthermore, Adobe InDesign is good for teamwork since it is integrated with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Stock seamlessly, which is very beneficial for your cooperation with your team and accomplishing the same project together productively.

What you can do with Adobe InDesign?

  • Designing and producing a beautiful lookbook
  • Designing and producing an impressive poster
  • Editing and manipulating photos
  • Creating graphics, icons, symbols, and branding
  • Creating stunning web designs
  • Creating mobile design mockups
  • Creating interactive documents
  • Building a company brochure
  • Creating a company newsletter
  • Building a long annual report document
  • Building a professional stationery for business use
  • Creating and editing print-ready documents
  • ... more

How to Uninstall Adobe InDesign from Windows?

If you want to uninstall Adobe InDesign from your Windows computer and need a complete guide to help you walk through the entire process, then this guide is for you. We will tell you how to uninstall a program in a manual way and how to uninstall a program in a professional uninstaller app. If you are a complete beginner who want to know more about uninstalling apps in Windows, then you may choose to start from the first method instruction. If you have tried to uninstall Adobe InDesign from the control panel but some files of the app are still in your system, and you couldn't delete them in person, then we can suggest you refer to the second method instruction directly.

First Method: Remove Adobe InDesign from Windows Manually

Get how to uninstall Adobe InDesign in a manual way.

① Use Built-in Uninstaller

Adobe InDesign has a built-in uninstaller that allows you to uninstall it from your Windows PC by this way. Usually, you can find and launch the built-in uninstaller in the Adobe InDesign folder from the Start menu. Refer to steps as.

  • Open Task Manager and close all process related to the Adobe InDesign app. You can right-click the Start menu > select Task Manager > click Process tab > select Adobe InDesign > click End task.

close Adobe InDesign task

  • Click Start menu on the lower-left corner of the Desktop screen. You will get a list of the installed apps according to the alphabet order. Scroll down to find the Adobe InDesign app that you want to uninstall. Right-click on the Adobe InDesign app icon > select Uninstall option.

start menu

  • Next Programs and Features window presents in front of you. Click or right-click the Adobe InDesign program and then click Uninstall option again to continue the removal.

uninstall Adobe InDesign

  • Next, click Yes,remove option to make sure that you need to uninstall Adobe InDesign from your computer.
  • The Adobe InDesign program's uninstall wizard pops-up. Follow the pop-up prompts and get the Adobe InDesign program removed from your computer.

② Use Control Panel

  • Click the Start menu and click Control Panel.

control panel

  • In the Control Panel page, locate at the Programs setting and click Uninstall a Program.

uninstall a program

  • You are looking at the Programs and Features window now, right-click the Adobe InDesign program to select it and then click Uninstall to remove it.

uninstall Adobe InDesign

  • Click Uninstall to continue the uninstallation. Follow the pop-ups to uninstall Adobe InDesign from your Windows computer.

③ Use Windows Settings

  • Click Start menu > then click Settings option.

Windows 10 settings

  • Click Apps option from the Windows Settings window.

Windows 10 Settings

  • Now you are looking at the Apps & features page. Click on the Adobe InDesign program and click Uninstall.

uninstall Adobe InDesign

  • Click Uninstall to continue the Adobe InDesign removal work. Please wait while Adobe InDesign is being uninstalled.
  • Follow the uninstall wizard to finish the task of uninstalling Adobe InDesign.

Second Method: Uninstall Adobe InDesign from Windows by Total Uninstaller

Get how to uninstall Adobe InDesign using the professional Total Uninstaller tool.

1. Launch Total Uninstaller > select Adobe InDesign > click Run Analysis.
uninstall Adobe InDesign
2. Adobe InDesign uninstall wizard pops up, click Yes,remove to make sure that you want to uninstall Adobe InDesign from your computer right now. And then wait until the uninstall to be finished. And then click Close when the Adobe InDesign app has been uninstalled.
complete uninstall Adobe InDesign
uninstall Adobe InDesign

3. Once the uninstall process is accomplished, come back to the Total Uninstaller interface. Finally, click Finish to end this uninstall task.
Adobe InDesign is uninstalled

Refer to a simple video guide for how to uninstall Adobe InDesign completely via Total Uninstaller:

At Last

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