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uninstall Age of Empires

Always get troubles when try to uninstall Age of Empires? If you think that it is very difficult to remove the program from the computer, we would like to provide some useful suggestion via the following content.

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About Age of Empires

Age of Empires is a gaming application originally developed by Ensemble Studios, and finally published by Microsoft Studios. Most people in nowadays install and play
the Age of Empires III version on their PCs, when the program installed on computer, many files and data will be created and occupies a lot of system spaces, on the other hand, system registry and some other configurations are also changed by the programs.

Do you encounter the following problems when remove it?

Problems of removing Age of Empires is a common problem for many its users, after visiting some Q&A and forums, I finally conclude some troubles that many people frequently encounter during the Age of Empires removal:

How can uninstall Age of Empires completely

Approach one - remove it via Windows Control Panel (Manual)

Windows operating system has an attached function which allows people to uninstall app, and they get a different name in different OS, such as:

Here are specific steps about how to uninstall Age of Empires the program in Windows 8/8.1/10:





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Approach two - uninstall Age of Empires with its uninstall process (Manual)

Age of Empires gets an uninstaller process on its folder, you can find out this uninstaller and conduct the removal with the following guides:


Age of Empires uninstaller

Approach three - remove the game with Total Uninstaller (Automated)

Total Uninstaller is a sophisticated removal utility for Windows installed apps, it can easily handle the complicated and giant games on the PC, and perform the whole program removal with a few simple steps. Therefore, if you wanna a faster and easier way to get rid of this program thoroughly, you can choose to uninstall Age of Empires with Total Uninstaller.

Instructions to remove Age of Empires with Total Uninstaller (images and video)





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Posted By: Patrick / May 17, 2018

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