How To Uninstall FormatFactory Without Any Leftover

uninstall FormatFactory

Looking for a way to uninstall FormatFactory on PC? Specific guides for removing FormatFactory just listed here, you can take the best way you think to get rid of this program from your computer.

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What's FormatFactory application

FormatFactory is a free converter software available for Windows OS, the developer Free Time (official website: claims this is a powerful and advanced converter that able to covert different formats of files and video on the computer, such as MP4, 3GP, MPG, MP3, WMA, JPG, BMP, GIF, and rip DVD to video file and etc.

Circumstances you may need to uninstall FormatFactory

Potential issues of removing FormatFactory

Follow these guides to uninstall FormatFactory app smoothly

First choice: remove FormatFactory quickly with professional uninstaller

Taking a good app uninstaller like Total Uninstaller is currently the best way to get rid of unwanted program from the computer, its fast scanning and removing technology can help the users to uninstall the program completely in a short time.

Steps to uninstall FormatFactory with Total Uninstaller:

uninstall FormatFactory with TU





Presentation in video:

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Second choice: apply Windows uninstall feature to remove it

Uninstall program feature in Windows' Control Panel is an available option to remove the unwanted program, however, since it usually cannot remove all of files and records of the unwanted programs, you should take more steps to totally remove FormatFactory from the computer.

W8 - programs and features




Third choice: uninstall FormatFactory with its built-in removing process

FormatFactory gets a specific uninstall process in its installation folder, one can launch this removing process to remove the program itself on the computer, however, like the second way of removal, it is also unable to completely remove FormatFactory from the computer when you simply applying the uninstaller, additional files deletion also necessary to clean its leftovers and registry keys on the PC.


After manually deleting all of the data and files, you will finish to totally uninstall FormatFactory from the computer.

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Posted By: Patrick / Nov 14, 2017

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