How to Uninstall Genshin Impact Application for Windows

Are you a common user of Genshin Impact? Do you need to uninstall Genshin Impact from computer for some reasons? This post just show you how can get through with this program removal.

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More details about Genshin Impact

uninstall Genshin Impact

Developed by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game that can play online and provides a limited multiplayer mode which allows four players to play together.

Upon installation, the gaming application will be installed in a system disk's folder if you do not change the default install directory. Temporary files and loading files created during playing the game are also installed on the installation folder. In addition, the program also adds some registry entries to the system for supporting its automatic start-up and smooth performance of the app itself.

Common reasons of removing Genshin Impact

To uninstall the game completely, you should perform a strong removal for the program and all of its files from the computer.

Optional ways to uninstall Genshin Impact

1. Take the app's own uninstall process


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2. Remove Genshin Impact with Windows removing feature

3. Uninstall Genshin Impact with Total Uninstaller

Taking an advanced app uninstall tool can get a quick and complete removal for the program, more and more people also would like to remove the application with this smart utility. Total Uninstaller is a reliable one that can uninstall the program and delete its stubborn files thoroughly from the computer. To uninstall Genshin Impact in this way, you can refer to the specific guides:


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Posted By: Patrick / Mar 23, 2021

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