Uninstall InfraRecorder Program with Available Ways

uninstall InfraRecorder

InfraRecorder is a free open source CD and DVD writing program for Microsoft Windows. You might have this program installed on PC but need to uninstall it right now. To uninstall InfraRecorder effectively from the computer, you can follow these ways to complete the removal.

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Developed by Christian Kindahl in the Google Summer of Code 2006, InfraRecorder has been provides its special services for more than ten years. So many of you may be using this program on your machine right now. Because of some reasons, you will need to firstly uninstall it from the computer. And you can take the following ways to perform the app removal completely.

When should you remove the program?

Uninstall InfraRecorder thoroughly with available ways

Traditional removal way on Windows

Option 1: remove it in Control Panel






Note: don't remove or modify other registry entries, which may cause serious issue and cause system crash. And you can also consider to export the registry for backup.

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Option 2: remove app from Start menu


Please remember that traditional removal on Windows system usually leaves a leftover problem. So you should keep in mind that scanning and removing those files left behind is a necessary job after the standard removal on Control Panel.

Faster way to uninstall InfraRecorder - take a professional remover

Total Uninstaller is an advanced uninstaller that performs more professionally than the traditional removal way on PC. It is able to scan out all files and configurations of the program, and enable you to remove the completely from the PC. The second round of checking and deleting the leftovers will guarantee a 100% removal for the program.

How to uninstall InfraRecorder with Total Uninstaller

uninstall InfraRecorder




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