Uninstall KeePass in A Quick and Complete Way

Do you want to uninstall KeePass but can't find where it is? Or it is hard to remove it from your web browser? Don't worry, let's see what happen and figure it out.

What is KeePass?

uninstall KeePass

KeePass, also known as KeePass Password Safe, is an open-source password manager that available for free. It is primarily for Windows and help users to manage their passwords in a secure way, and allow them to quickly find and access the specific password.

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Some people find that the KeePass program just enter on their computers silently without their notices. So they are not clear about what it is and where it is on the PC. If you also get the same problem, you can check the general install information of the program at the following:

Problems with removing KeePass

When people decide to uninstall KeePass, they might encounter some problems to perform the removal, such as cannot find the app's uninstall process, unable to clear it from web browser, and don't know where they should go to start the program removal... To perform the uninstallation smoothly on the PC, you can check the removal instructions below.

Uninstall KeePass with optional ways on PC

1.Conduct a quick removal with Total Uninstaller

Total Uninstaller is a smart app uninstaller that can help you uninstall programs installed on Windows PC. It is able to perform a quick and automatic removal for the program, and enable you to get a complete uninstallation in a short time. To uninstall KeePass with this utility, you can refer to the following instructions and video guides.

uninstall KeePass






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2.Apply Windows removing feature to uninstall KeePass manually

Step one: uninstall the program




Step two: clear its traces and extensions on web browser

KeePass's extensions and add-on are usually left behind after being uninstalled by the Windows built-in remover. In this case, you should take additional steps to clear its traces on the web browser manually.

Delete add-on and extensions in different web browser:

In Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon (with three bars/gear)
  2. Click on Tools, and then Extensions
  3. Disable and remove KeePass extensions

In Firefox

  1. Launch Firefox, click on the icon with three bars or a gear, select Add-ons
  2. Click on the disable button of KeePass toolbar

In conclusion, to uninstall KeePass and other applications, taking a good uninstaller is obviously a quick option; if you don't want to take any cost, you will have to uninstall it and clean its leftovers completely from the computer.

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Posted By: Jamie / Nov 13, 2018

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