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Do you encounter any problem to uninstall Krita from PC? To get one more effective way to remove this application from Windows, you can take a look at the following instructions.

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About Krita

uninstall Krita

Krita is an an open-source raster graphics editor that available for free online, people can get this program via its official website or other reputable app download platform. It is designed primarily for digital painting and animation purposes, so its users are common the designer or who are interested in this subject.

The installation of Krita app will brings a lot of files and data on the PC, including necessary installed files, configurations and registry entries. By default, the program locates on "C:\Program Files\Krita (x64)", if you don't know where it is you can try to access to this directory on your computer.

Possible reasons to remove Krita

How can uninstall Krita well from PC

1.Take Windows uninstaller to remove it manually

Windows system itself provides a traditional way to remove application, which requires the user to conduct the app removal by themselves.


Uninstall Krita



Notice: many registry entries are important and necessary for the system performance. So do not delete or change any registry key easily if you are not clear whether it is an indispensable one for the computer system. For precaution, before deleting the registry, you can export the registry and save to other place for back-up.

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2.Uninstall Krita with its own removing process


3.Uninstall Krita more easily with the help of remover

To handle the app removal more easily and quickly, you can choose to take a reliable app uninstaller to help you manage the removing job on PC. Total Uninstaller is a professional you can try to get rid of the unwanted program, it is able to scan all files and provide a complete removal quickly, including those complicated gaming applications and antivirus software.

To remove Krita with this tool, you can check the following instructions.

Uninstall Krita




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