How Can Uninstall Kuaizip Complete from The Computer

uninstall KuaiZip

KuaiZip is an archive application developed by Shanghai Guangle Network Technology Co., many people feel confused about this program their PCs, and they are not sure it is a legitimate app or not as it creates a lot of annoying ads. So today, I would like to share some tips and ways about how to uninstall KuaiZip thoroughly and quickly on computer.

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As a free compressor and decompressor available online, KuaiZip can be found and downloaded easily from the Internet, and this program always introduce itself as a easy-to-use and fast archive application, so it seems like an archive application has nothing to do with advertisements, however, people who using KuaiZip on the computer find that, a lot of unnecessary ads start to display on the screen annoyingly and continuously, which cause many troubles for the user,

What will be caused by the program

If you don't want to keep this program on your PC, please try the following manual or automatic way to uninstall it completely.

Methods to uninstall KuaiZip application from PC

Manual removing steps to remove it

The KuaiZip's uninstall feature and Windows' uninstaller support a standard and manual removal for the application, however, it you want to clear everything related to the program on your PC, you should clean the leftovers like registries, and caches additionally after the removal.

W8 - programs and features







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To use the KuaiZip's uninstall feature, you can refer to these guides:



Pay attention ---- if you are worry about deleting the wrong file when cleaning its leftovers, it is suggested to do a back-up for the file you tend to remove.

Automatic removing steps to uninstall KuaiZip

An app uninstall tool can replace the user to perform a fast and automatic removal for the user, and Total Uninstaller is a reliable one that capable for removing KuaiZip quickly from the computer.

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Following Video also showcase the way to uninstall KuaiZip with Total Uninstaller:

Delete Leftovers in the uninstaller replace the manual removal for the app's remnants from the standard removal, for most of users, I think no one would like to take much time and energy in this program removing issue, so more and more people would like to invite such a removal utility to take responsibility for the program uninstallation on the PC.

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Posted By: Patrick / Apr 20, 2017

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