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How to Uninstall Livedrive from Windows?

Ever wanted to uninstall Livedrive from your Widows computer? Ever wondered how you could remove Livedrive on your own? Ever sought for a fast and easy method to remove any program from Windows with ease? Today, you will get an answer here. And so the question is not just what happens next to uninstall a program. It is what happens to potentially thousands of computer users who could be able to remove a program in person. We will discuss how to uninstall a Windows program without having to handle everything in person. We will also tell you how to remove a Windows program using Windows basic tricks. If you are interested in figuring out these answers, then join the guide.

Livedrive Overview

Livedrive is a global notable online cloud backup and storage program, devotes itself to bring the best service of backing up files and storing data in the cloud for everybody. Livedrive guarantees every user with the secure servers so that everyone won't need to worry about whether their backup data and files are safe or not. Besides that, Livedrive makes it an effortless thing when you want to edit local files and sync the change in cloud synchronously. Also, Livedrive not merely makes sure your files secure, but also allows you to restore your lost files to your PC from their UK data centres with ease. Furthermore, Livedrive's online drive called Briefcase allows users to access their files anywhere. It means you can store your files, videos, documents, images and more in the Briefcase online drive and you can access to them from your any device, including computer, tables, and mobiles.
Uninstall Livedrive
If you are one of those people who are very cautious about your data security, worried about if a security attack will steal your confidential files, or doubted if cybercriminals turn you into being the one of the victims of identity theft, Livedrive can completely avoid these maddening things. Because Livedrive focuses on the security protection to keep your files accessible and safe, supports two factor authentication and three layers of physical access security so nobody can access to your files without your permission. Along with that, if you need multi-user backup, sharing and collaboration from any devices, Livedrive also has business products that can cater to all your needs. You can work on the go, access and edit documents from any computer, mobile and tablet, at anywhere.

Complete Guide to Uninstall Livedrive from PC

To uninstall Livedrive from your Windows computer will be an easy thing if you master the provided two methods. You will get all the basics you need to know to achieve in uninstalling the program. You will also get a technical uninstaller tool to help you uninstall all unwanted programs as well as leftovers with a few clicks. And to start, we are going to back to the basics of uninstall or change a program on Windows, covers step by step manual uninstall instructions. Nextup, we will get how to take advantage of technical uninstaller tool to remove the program automatically.

First Method: Remove Livedrive Manually

During this part we will cover basics you need to know to uninstall Livedrive from your Windows PC successfully. You will get a good understanding of how you can uninstall a Windows program in the manual way. If you have been always looking to follow a complete guide to remove all you unwanted programs completely, don't miss out on the manual guide here. Refer to the step as followed.

① Uninstall Livedrive from Start Menu

We will uninstall Livedrive from the Start menu, which needs we find and open the Livedrive self built-in uninstaller app. Before we start, make sure the Livedrive program is closed. And then we'll go to the Start menu and start the uninstalling.

  • Right-click the Start menu or Taskbar to open Windows Task Manager > select Livedrive > click End Task or Close.

close Livedrive task

  • Click Start menu on the lower-left corner of the Desktop screen.

start menu

  • Find and open the Livedrive program's folder, you can see the Uninstall option. So click Uninstall.

uninstall Livedrive from Start menu

  • Next, Windows Installer box pops-up, you only need to click Yes to make sure that you want to uninstall Livedrive at once.

click Yes

  • Now, you may look at the Remove Setting page. If you choose yes, any Briefcase files not yet uploaded will be deleted. Please ensure those files have finished uploading before proceeding. If you are confirm that you need to remove all settings and data, then click Yes > click OK.

remove all settings and data

  • Next, finish the uninstalling Livedrive task according to the pop-up prompts. Finally, Restart your computer.

② Delete Livedrive from Control Panel

  • Click the Start menu and click Control Panel.

control panel

  • Select Programs > click Uninstall a Program.

uninstall a program

  • From the Uninstall or change program page, click on the Livedrive to select it and then click Uninstall to start this removal.

uninstall Livedrive

  • Click Yes to confirm that you want to uninstall Livedrive from your Windows PC right now.
  • Next, walk through all steps and get the Livedrive removed according to the pop-up prompts. Finally, Restart your computer.

③ Remove Livedrive from Windows Settings

  • Click Start menu > then select Settings option.

Windows 10 settings

  • Click Apps option from the Windows Settings window.

Windows 10 Settings

  • From the Apps & features page, scroll down to select the Livedrive program. Click the program and click Uninstall.

Uninstall Livedrive

  • Click Yes to continue uninstalling the Livedrive program. Please wait while Livedrive is being removed.
  • Follow the install wizard to get rid of Livedrive. Finally, Restart your computer.

Second Method: Uninstall Livedrive Automatically

In this part, you will be learning about how to uninstall Livedrive using Total Uninstaller, a professional uninstaller software available on Windows computer. You will be knowing how to use Total Uninstaller tool to uninstall Livedrive as well as all the vestiges completely and easily. Whether you want to save a lot of time in uninstalling unwanted programs, or have been overwhelmed with cleaning out leftovers, you need an optimal uninstaller software, because it allows you to harness the real power of automatic uninstall, the whole process requires a few clicks. Next, refer to simple steps to uninstall Livedrive through Total Uninstaller.

  • Run Total Uninstaller > Select Livedrive > Click Run Analysis.

Uninstall Livedrive Using Total Uninstaller

  • Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to make sure you would like to uninstall Livedrive.

complete uninstall Livedrive

  • Click Yes to make it certain that you need to uninstall this product right now.


  • Check the Yes option to make sure that you want to remove all settings and data from your computer. And then click OK.

check yes

  • Click Scan Leftovers to start cleaning out all leftovers associated with the Livedrive program.

Scan leftovers

  • Click Delete Leftovers > click Yes to make sure you would like to remove all Livedrive leftover files and registry entries.

delete Livedrive leftovers

  • Click OK and click Back to Step 1 to check. Once done, Restart your computer.

Livedrive is removed
Refer to uninstall Livedrive through Total Uninstaller:


If you are looking for a quick, highly-effective and easy method to uninstall Livedriv completely, without wasting countless hours sifting through useless steps, then using the Total Uninstaller software will be a good start. If you want to get firm grasp on how to uninstall a program with ease, then the professional Total Uninstaller can replace you to finish that. If you need to quickly clean out everything associated with the Livedrive program from your Windows PC, the effective Total Uninstaller tool will help you.

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