Totally Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials from Earlier Windows System

uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials

Get troubles to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials? How could we conduct the program removal with success from Windows OS? You may need some good suggestions like the the following.

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Microsoft Security Essentials, which is short for MSE or Essentials, it is a security software that provides protection against malicious viruses and spyware. This program contained in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 by default, newer Windows OS like Windows 8 and later use Windows Defender instead to provide real-time protection for the computer system.

Cannot uninstall it? It may because:

Besides the general reasons listed above, there are also other possible reasons or problems can make people unable to remove Microsoft Security Essentials from the PC. If you don't have an effective way to perform the program removal, try the following approaches, and you will be able to resolve it quickly.

Useful advice and methods to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials

1.Uninstall it in Control Panel by using the removing feature

For Windows XP users


For Windows Vista or Windows 7 users


uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials

If you unfortunately encounter a problem and unable to complete the removal, the Windows uninstaller might not be a workable way for you to get rid of Essentials app from the computer. In this case, you should change the way to uninstall the program from your PC. And a powerful uninstaller will be a better choice.

Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials with automatic uninstaller

Total Uninstaller is a specific app removal tool that can perform automatic removal for the program. The powerful uninstaller is good at detecting and deleting all of related files from PC. So people can get a complete and fast removal in a short time.



Taking the traditional removal way in Windows system to remove program usually takes a lot of time, including uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials. Therefore, if you encounter a problem to remove the program with Windows removing feature, or just consider it takes too much time and energy to finish the manual removing steps. Taking a professional uninstaller to conduct the removal will be much better.

Warm tips: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are older versions of Windows operating system. To get a better user experience and enjoy the new updates of technology, you also can consider to upgrade your OS to the newer version like Windows 8 or Windows 10. If you want to uninstall Windows defender, you can look forward to the next post, I will also share the removing steps in details about this program removal in Windows based computer.

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Posted By: Patrick / Aug 23, 2018

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