How Do You Uninstall Mozilla Firefox Completely on Windows

uninstall Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a common-used browser that many users are using in currently on their computers, sometimes it should be removed on the PC, so maybe you need a way to totally uninstall Mozilla Firefox well on your computer.

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Mozilla Firefox, also known as Firefox, is an open-source browser application created by Mozilla Foundation, and can be used for free in different operating system like Windows, macOS, Linux, and even the Android. When you have been used the web browser for a long time on your computer, there must be many associated files (including those caches and temporary files) storing on your hard disk. If you need to uninstall Mozilla Firefox, these components will be a problem to be removed completely from your PC.

When you should remove Firefox on the computer

Why you can't uninstall it successfully

In addition to these problem of removing Firefox, people also would get other issues and cause the browser cannot be removed completely and smoothly on the PC. So some of you may need some directions to fully remove the program effectively.

How can uninstall Mozilla Firefox thoroughly on computer

1. Traditional removal - delete it manually on the PC

Step one: uninstall the program






Step two: clear its installation folder

The standard removal provided by the Windows Control Panel usually cannot uninstall Mozilla Firefox thoroughly on the PC, it is possible that some data and configurations are still staying in the installation folder and need to be removed manually. So, after the removal, please go to the installed directory of Firefox, and clear the content inside.

Step three: clean its registry keys leaving in Registry Editor


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2. Another manual removal - uninstall with its removing process

There is a specific uninstall process in the installation folder of Mozilla Firefox, which allow people to remove Firefox on the computer, but actually, it is also a manual removal that require users to clean those remnants after the removal




As we can see that manual removal needs the user to perform a lot of manual removing steps on the PC, if you want a better and through way to uninstall Mozilla Firefox, you will be interested in the following removal.

3. More effective removal - uninstall Mozilla Firefox with Total Uninstaller

Total Uninstaller is an automatic uninstall utility that enables people to finish a program removal easily, and more importantly, those files easily leaving on the computer will also be deleted completely on the PC, and there is no further manual removal for the program.

uninstall Mozilla Firefox with Total Uninstaller

complete uninstall Firefox



Specific guides at the video also show you how can uninstall Mozilla Firefox effectively with Total Uninstaller:

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Posted By: Patrick / Jan 24, 2017

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