How to Uninstall PDFCreator And Its Bundles Completely on PC

Are you finding an effective way to uninstall PDFCreator? Do you get any problem to remove this app? Or the program just gets too many bundles and files and cannot be deleted completely from the PC? Don't be upset, you will probably know how to do after reading this post.

Program description

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PDFCreator is a PDF file converter that provides such features like creating PDF files, converting files with other formats to Portable Document Format (PDF) format on Microsoft Windows. It has a free version as well as a premium version which requires users to paid some money.

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PDFCreator's installation on the PC usually brings a lot of bundles and files, which may be a problem for some people. And it is usually difficult to remove all of them thoroughly from the computer. Therefore, many users often get some common problems to remove the program successfully.

What's usually the big problem to remove PDFCreator?

How can uninstall PDFCreator smoothly

Option 1 - Take Total Uninstaller to remove PDFCreator and bundles quickly

Automatic uninstall tool is a quick way to get rid of the program as well as those bundles from the computer. And people usually just need to take a few of clicks during the removing process.

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Option 2 - manually remove PDFCreator and bundles on Windows

Windows removing feature in Control Panel provides a traditional and manual removal for the application, you can also take this way to uninstall PDFCreator as well as its bundled apps and toolbars.


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Please note that Windows uninstaller usually cannot uninstall PDFCreator if it has been corrupted on the computer. And you will receive a message which usually states that the program cannot be removed because it is corrupted for some reasons. In this case, you should try some ways to figure it out.

How to remove it when PDFCreator is corrupted

Solution 1: apply a reliable and advanced uninstaller to remove it forcibly, the professional tool usually performs more effectively than removing such problematic apps.

Solution 2: select PDFCreator on the Programs and Features, and click on Repair or Change if there is an option available for you, it can try to repair the app for you. And you will be able to uninstall PDFCreator if it can be fixed well.

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Posted By: Harper / Jun 05, 2019

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