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Removal Guides To Uninstall Port Detective Quickly From Computer

remove Port Detective

Failed to uninstall Port Detective from the computer? Do you have to face several troubles caused by the unsuccessful removal? Removing Port Detective is a very simple work if you get the proper way to uninstall it, so if you still looking for such a good way to get rid of this application from your compute, you can check the how-to guides below.

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Description of Port Detective

Port Detective is an Windows application specialized in helping users to find and identify which ports in their computers are blocked, in-use or available; and also can be used with Cable or DSL connections.

The installation of this program is very simple, but people may not be able to find out an shortcut available on the desktop after the installation, and feel uncertain whether it has been installed on the PC, in fact, people can find it via entering the program's name in the Windows search box.

What cause you unable to remove Port Detective

Since the computers' using environment are various, there are many possible reasons for people unable to uninstall the program from their PCs, and there are some general problems of the app removal listed here:

  • Unable to find the program on computer
  • Windows uninstall feature does not support to uninstall Port Detective
  • Associated data and configurations of the program cannot be cleaned effectively
  • Port Detective removing process crashes without knowing the reason

If you are not so lucky and face such a removing problem on your computer, don't be so upset, because, next, I will talk about the proper removal way.

Uninstall Port Detective with the following ways

Conventional way: perform a manual removal on the computer

There is a removing feature that available in Windows' Control Panel, which support people to uninstall or change the installed applications. In order to remove Port Detective in this way, you will not only need to complete the app removal in the panel, but also do a manual check and deletion for those files leaving behind from the previous removal.

  • Right-click on the Windows button, select Programs and Features

W8 - programs and features

  • Find Port Detective on the list, and highlight it

uninstall Port Detective traditionally

  • Click on the Uninstall to start the removal
  • Alternatively, you can type Port Detective in the search box, right-click on it in the search result, and select Uninstall


  • Click Yes in the Confirm Action pop-up, and the removal will begin


  • Wait until the removing process finished, and then click on Close


  • Restart your computer
  • Type "regedit" in the search box, and click to open Registry Editor(regedit)
  • Unfold the registry group to check whether there are some registry keys belonging to Port Detective, and delete them
  • Go to check the installation folder of Port Detective, and make sure everything has been removed from your computer.

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Faster and easier removal: take a pro app remover

If you would like another way which can handle this program removal more easily and quickly, taking a sophisticated uninstall tool will be a good choice.

Total Uninstaller is able to help you detect all of associated files and configurations of Port Detective, and provide an automatic removal for the app, more significantly, an additional leftovers removing feature after the first stage of removal will guarantee a 100% uninstall for the application.

How to guides (both captions and video ) to uninstall Port Detective from PC

  • Launch Total Uninstaller on the computer, and locate Port Detective's icon on the menu

uninstlal Port Detective

  • Click on "Run Analysis", and then click on Complete Uninstall to start the removal


  • Finish the first stage removal with instructions, and then click on Scan Leftovers


  • Click on Delete Leftovers to clean all of vestiges on your computer


  • Click OK and exit the uninstaller, and restart the computer to completely uninstall Port Detective on your PC.


Leftovers has been a common problem for many applications removal on the computer, imperfect program removal would cause a great duel of junk files on the Windows system, so, for improving the system performance as well as clearing the hard disk, it is necessary to perform a complete removal when uninstalling an unwanted program like Port Detective.

Download Total Uninstaller from here right now and try to uninstall Port Detective effectively on your PC.

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